So, you think I am nuts?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Today I want to "fatt ngap foong", can ah?

This week has been hellish. More like, "tuulun".

Monday...nearly got killed by a car. Fucking Ah Beng drove the car like going to "reincarnate" or more like going to have a premature ejaculation. About to cross the road, a blue wira swerved into a parking bay a la Starsky and Hutch style. Fast, furious, reckless. The kiasu driver sped at top speed just to secure the empty bay,fearing it would be occupied. At that moment also, I stepped foot onto the road. Maybe a nanosecond may have created history for me. You all may have to burn a laptop, printer, digital camera and burn your comments to me.

Nevermind. But, there was a puddle of dirty water aaaaaannnnnnd....."splash" . Yes, onto me. Knowing me, a fighter cock, I was just about to open my mouth and scold "niaseng" but thank god, I didn't. There were 4 samsengs in the car and I wouldnt want to know the consequences of me telling them off.

Nevermind. Chill. Haaa...haaa...fooooo....again.....haaaa.....haaaaa....fooooo
Don't want unsightly crows feet.

Tuesday .

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!
Nothing special on Tuesday.
Ah Yat, my modem needed medical aid. Sigh...$$$$$$$

(Ah Fuu is my laptop, Ah Kwai is my mobile, Ah Yat , my modem)

Yesterday , another "tuulun" day. It started with the morning jam at 8am from Hartamas to Jalan Parlimen.

In front of me was a couple in a white proton wira.

From my windscreen I observe the girl keep bending towards the guy's lap and wild thoughts came across my mind. You know why I have these wild thoughts and why I am so "tuulun" with them?

Here is why : their car kept making jerking stops, braking inconsistently, forcing me to take pseudo emergency brakes all the way and the sight of that fucking bitch "bongkok" over his lap, please excuse me for harbouring such ill and wild thoughts. Here is what I thought.

girl : darling ah, you wan blow blow? ( she bending , leaning whole face on his lap)
the traffic so long, come, come, i blow ah

guy : yes...yes...ooooo ( jerk the car, move, brakes, stop, jerk, stop) Nee Neh !

Fucking go blow in the dark while driving along the highway la...don't blow for the whole world
to see in the morning la.

Nevermind! Cool....coool.

girl : ey, you got pimple la...come, let me squeeze...(she leans towards his cheek and press the
pimple and sayang sayang his face then lean on his lap again)

guy :( car jerk,jerk, jerk.....)

By this time, I was very mad . To put harm on the road is inconsiderate. To show off him getting a blow in the morning...well....young man...go jerk in the cinema or in the bush la.

I , so, so buoy tahan liao. I also need to release my tension.

Then came along a nice black car at the next lane. Of course, my eyes wandered. Mmmm....nice guy. I looked at him. Hey, it is free...why not. So, feast my eyes. He feasted too.

Nevermind. Look la, for all I care. He went pass me. I thought it was sayonnara. But, I caught up. This time, we both checked each other out again. Well, no harm, right. So, I waved at him and gave him a smile.

Siao ka?

Aaahh....I have released my tension also. No need need play need need jerk. A smile at a stranger will do, won't it?

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Siew Yoke , Char Siew

Actually, I wasn't in the mood to blog but while I was driving to the orphanage this morning, Jomel's photos of the succulent siew yoke ( not Jomel's siew yoke, ok) came across my mind. Damn juicy looking. It reminded me of Overseas Restaurant's "mat chap char siew" (honey roasted char siew). You can actually see the shiny coating of the char siew roasted till perfection with a hint of overburn at both ends of the meat. And guess what? The char siew is marbalized with fats and lean meat. Now, that is what I call Char Siew. Char siew cannot be lean meat all the way. It has got to have streaks of fats to make it juicy. During the chewing process, the combination of the lean meat, the fats, the honey and the intensity of the bbq heat ( fire) will bring the best flavour out. Good or not?

Another place for char siew rice is at one stall behind the old Cathay cinema at Jalan Bukit Bintang. It is actually behind the cinema which is now an open air car park. I can't remember the name but it is popular amongst the office people. Nice big car owners frequent this place too.

As for siew yoke, I find Mr.Ho has got nice ones except $$$$$ not so nice. Very expensive for siew yoke but when you take the first bite, you will think," Ah, never mind la the price, I need to pamper myself." The skin of the siew yoke is sooooo crispy. You can actually hear the crackling sound when you bite on it. The flavour is just right; not to bland and meaty in taste, not too salty. Juuust right!

I heard of a place in Pudu which is good for the siew yoke. Located at the corner shoplot near Hiong Kong Departmental Store, this places serves siew yoke, char siew, kai fan but their specialty is siew yoke. Apparently they only start serving you at 11am. I shall try it out one day.

Damn! I can't shake the thought of the Overseas Restaurant's honey roasted char siew. I can even visualise it now...the shiny coating of the meat calling me......."lai ...lai....lai".


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