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Thursday, February 09, 2006

An Innocent Valentine's Gift

This evening, I had the pleasure of joining hundreds of shoppers at MidValley , shopping for the right Valentine's gift.'s been years since I last bought a Valentine's gift and it's been decades since I received one. I could see the shopper's anxiety and excitement choosing the best gift for their loved ones. Economy bad or not, the items are still being snapped up pretty fast. All the fuss getting the present did not excite me at all, though it was for a boy.

Of course, the boy is not mine. That explains why I am not excited! I was accompanying my daughter to get a present for her childhood friend whom she is "infatuated" with. It seems, that the boy also "fancies" her a lot. So, phhhewwww.......its a mutual feeling.

We first attacked "Lovely Lace" but the items were not to our liking. Next was "Memory Lane" but ......not our cuppa tea as well. Finally, we settled for Famous Amos's giftpack which included a teddy bear, pencil holder and some Hershey's chocolate. I could only look at the gift with great envy as my daughter has a "boyfriend" . She is soo excited about Valentine's Day and her poor mother is dreading it. Yuks!

Anyway, this so called "boyfriend" of hers is very sweet. Last Christmas while vacationing in Hong Kong, he called up to wish her "Merry Christmas" and got her a souvenir mug from HK Disneyland. This Chinese New Year he also called to wish her whislt he was away in Penang. Now, isnt't that sweet!

I could only envy her. Now I am really wondering of I should really go throw oranges on Chap God Meh. I want to hit JackPot ah...............


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