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Friday, February 03, 2006

Feng Thao Yuen

I am in heaven / hell.

Yes, the doctor listened to my chest today and told me my lungs do not sound good......congested and wheezing.....almost reaching asthmatic point. She suggested the "nebulizer" to open up the airways of my lungs for easier breathing and easier for me to bring out the phlegm. She also prescribed a medication called "ventolin" which is a happier pill than "actifed." I am surprised that I can still do this post without much typing error and that is because I am typing on the keypad with great strength. If I do not type hard on the keys, I feel my fingers trembling and hard to control.......and that is the effect from the new drug that I am taking. I look like a person suffering from "parkinson's disease." I have difficulty controling the "mouse" and at times, I can see the tikus slipping away.

I hope my head does not shake as well. I would definitely fit well in discos tonight.....jamming away with uncontrolable head and hands.....really high on "drugs." Here I am, sick and on medication and my mind wonders off to pubs and discos and my mamak. I have been good these 4 days. I am CLEAN. No alcohol at all . Yes, it is Chinese New Year and no alcohol. Eat "yee sang" and no beer. Tak shiok, tsk tsk tsk.......tak shiok!

So, all you fancee, please please pray for me to get well soon so that I can catch up on what I am missing. I need to be strong as an OX by next Sunday because it is a special day and this will be my first year and first time doing IT. Yes, next Sunday is Chap Goh Mei, chorr sap ng whereby people visit the Kuan Yin temple and pray and also this is the day to pray "thai suey" and also this is the day I, Siao Cha Bor go throw olenges in the lake. Hehe....blush blush.

So, hope I get well soon for next Sunday's event. Morning pray "thai suey", afternoon pray "kuan yin" and evening throw olenges. Any suggestion on what to throw ah? Besides my head, some of my friends suggested coconuts, watermelon. You see, I need to throw something that attracts attention as there will be potential "victims" ( eligible men) in fishing nets trying in vain to catch as many oranges as possible. Will a watermelon standout from the rest of the oranges? Mmmm.....

Whoa, time flies. I need to get up early and queue for a number for the paediatrician registration. Yes, I need to be at SJMC the latest by 8am. No joke ! The doctor is very "laku" one. I need to depart from home by 7.33am, zoom to Subang and take a number by 8am when the counter opens for registration, register baby with her doctor, zoom home, get her ready and zoom back to SJMC by10am, hopefully the doctor would have clocked in by then. Hectic...very hectic. You must be thinking if it is all worth the trouble, effort, time,petrol cost, parking cost and etc etc etc and the answer is still YES. If I were to make a single trip to the hospital with baby at say 9.00am, we would be maybe the 20th in line and knowing the doctor will be in her office by 10am, dilly dally a bit and by the 20th patient, the clock would have shown 2pm. By then, we would be so tired of waiting, spending breakfast, lunch and possibly tea at the hospital. I have been there and done that and no way and I going to camp there AGAIN.

Being a mommy and a daddy is no joke. The responsibility is unmeasurable. But, in return,the joy and "pain" of raising the child is rewarding. The experience of motherhood and (fatherhood) for me, is a lifetime experience which I never thought I would make it till now.....I have been hanging in there and I hope I will be strong enough to hang in there for many more years to come.

Oh yes, back to SJMC and why I am so "kancheong" to bring baby to see her "khai ma" (paediatrician). I was told by my doctor friend that if a child is prone to asthma ( not asthmatic) but highly likely to develop asthma, it is always advisable to bring the child to the doctor especially of she develops a fever. Usually, doctors do not like to dispense antibiotics unnecessarily but because the child has a history of mild asthma, the doctor might start the child on antibiotics. This is just a personal opinion from my friend which I shall take heed. I shall have a full report tomorrow.

Ok, I am putting my hands straight out and having a clean white printing paper lying on my palm and the richter scale says 7.0 Yes, that bad! I hope by next week, I would still be able to spell my name correctly, know my surname and my father's name. Don't send me back to Hospital Bahagia because there got no laptop.

Huh? As I scrolled down this post, I read many different topics , jumping from happy pills to, chap gor meh to watermelon to SJMC to motherhood to antibiotics to hospital bahagia?
Geeeesss......I am self confessed NUTCASE.


  • At 9:17 AM, Blogger Ah Pek said…

    no worry, char bor. tommorrow night i pai tin kung that time, i pray for you hard hard. by monday you sure ok already one. then you can go and throw whatever you like during chap goh meh. if you really wan people to notice, then you buy one lorry durian and go and throw. sure a lot of ma lat lou came after you one.

  • At 12:31 PM, Blogger JoMel said…

    JoMel loves you nutcase! You are a wonderful mommy and daddy. I too have to be, for K & S. Gosh, I am so emo today. *SIGH* *HUGS YOU*

  • At 12:32 PM, Blogger JoMel said…

    Oh yes, where do you throw the oranges/ watermelon? I want to throw also, maybe next year. This year, take a break lah

  • At 5:44 AM, Blogger Wingz said…

    oii i orso wanna listen to your chest can arrrr!!!! you lemme listen ledi gerenti you recover wan! kakakaka later next week i wanna go klang river collect oren liow lol

  • At 2:59 PM, Blogger Siao Cha Bor said…

    wingz uncle ah, u go klang river kolek wat? floating duckies ka?

    make sure u collect floating durians or floating pomelos


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