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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Be Strong , YP. You are a great mother!

Today is my friend's courtcase; it was a criminal case. 3 years back, she filed a police report on wife battery. Her divorce case ended a year ago. Today, the purpose of the hearing is to retract her charges against her ex-husband. She did not want to proceed with the charges because she feels that she should not push to the limit; afterall, they were once husband and wife before. How kind of her.

My friend, YP, married for 2 years, ended up a wounded wife one day, having gone through physical and verbal abuse from her arse-hole husband. Nothing can describe him except that he is a scum to the male species and an animal, a savage to society. Their courtship was quick, she thought she had found true love. They married and soon she got inseminated. She was carrying twins.

During her 8th month pregnancy, they had an argument. He lost it; he kicked her , right in her tummy. Not only did he kick but he kept his hands busy as well. She remained calm, she still swallowed the pain she was going through, for the sake of her unborn twins.

The babies were bornt. They had another row. This time, he did it again. I find it no excuse for him to "lose" it again and start kicking her stomach again, especially during confinement. And it is this time, she lodged a police report. And this explains why she was at the court today.

They had a divorce but without any maintenance or alimony from him. Of course, YP got custody of the kids. YP had to start all over again, joining the workforce to earn a living, and just be the best mom that she can possible give to her kids.

Fine ! It was settled in the court that she agreed to no maintenance or alimony from him. All she wanted was her babies. Case closed.

3 years have passed. Conscience never haunted him. He never bothered to "subsidise" his children in any way.

So, my question is, is it "when having sex and making babies, he shiok only, but when it is time to take responsibility for his babies, he turned his back against them."

Today, he blamed YP in the court for the postponment of their next hearing. He told YP that if it wasn't for her filing charges against him, they wouldn't be in such a messy situation; in and out of court endlessly. He blamed her for provoking him to lay his hands on her. Think! If you were a true gentleman, when provoked, would you beat a woman, let alone she is your wife... someone whom you shiok shiok in the bed with before?

They had a small argument outside the court. I do not know how the subject of maintenance came about but somehow when YP said "you never even have the decency to subsidize the kids' education", he defended by saying that it was up to him whether he wants to fund his children or not.

YP and I share a lot in common except for the kungfu bit. I don't get maintenance. All I ever wanted was my kid back. Simple! But, I just do not understand how these heartless people ( I am being nice tonight and not curse these people) lay back and watch the ex wife and children struggle with money, life, everything and not lift a finger to help. Irresponsible morons! Those are your own flesh and blood.

To what extent would people "kill" just to get even with each other. Some would even strike a deal not to remarry for the next 10 years so that she is eligible to maintenance and other assets.


YP, I hope the courtcase ends soon and put the delayed chapter behind you. Never lose hope. You and I still have a long road to travel.


  • At 1:00 AM, Blogger straymana said…

    You are too kind with your words. Salute to you.

    That blardy idiot and his kinds, may them be damned in hell and may I not be one of them, this life or any other lives. bleh.

  • At 2:34 AM, Anonymous 93~94 said…

    'F' hate wife beater or women bullies, they just ‘F’coward & loser in life. What I can't accept,he dare to kick a pregnant lady.
    I very much believe in cause and effect. One day he will enjoy his own bad karma(effect).

    I wish YP all the best, She indeed a great mother

  • At 9:23 AM, Blogger Ah Pek said…

    if i was present during the abuse, he would end up 18 pieces. rowdy as i may be sometimes, i never tolerate a man hitting a woman. and a pregnant woman???? i curse him 108 time and may he end up in the 18th layer of hell!

  • At 5:26 PM, Blogger Zara's Mama said…

    wow, that blardy idiot had the cheek to say all those huh?

    And the chicken shit beat up his wife when she was pregnant with his kids?

    let him burnt in hell la.. maybe before that, will kena something already. What goes around, comes around.

  • At 6:14 PM, Anonymous ricky said…

    A man who beat a lady and do not give maintenance money for kids is an arsehole to me..It's a pity that she did not want to pursue the matter further in court


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