So, you think I am nuts?

Sunday, February 26, 2006

3 More Days Encounting

Sigh ! It is just a simple lunch with old school friends but I have been dreading this since I got the sms on the luncheon 2 weeks ago. No wonder I get relapse of sore throat since the sms. I am suffering now. I have a bad sore throat AGAIN. What the fuck is wrong with my throat? I know Ah Pek will tell me to drink more protein shake to lubricate my throat a bit or maybe I shouted too much, "yes, yes darling yes, more, more, yes "..........yes to watermelon and not sex. I got hold of a huge watermelon, so succulent, red, juicy, sweet to SUCK at. Right! I hope the watermelon can cool my throat down and be ready for war on 2nd March.

This is what I have been so stressed about. Yea, right, I have nothing much to stress about except for a normal get-together luncheon this day. In a nice way, I "kacau mental" myself, in a more chorr lorr way, it is called brain fellatio la.

I do not really have to go; I can always make up an excuse but I cannot leave my good friend, N, to be "devoured" by the "rottweilers." Not that they are vicious people, I guess I am just being bitchy today. Mmmm...let me see, oh yes, it is the time of the month again. That explains the "mangchangness", the whacking of my Cadbury Brazil Nut Milk chocolate ( must be imported version), hantam almost half a watermelon and the crave for cili padi.

Back to the luncheon. I have not seen my old schoolmates for more than 10 years and somehow we managed to track each other down and the next most natural course of action would be to have some "catching up" to do. And we have settled for a lunch. As far as I know, all of them are successful.

Career --------------------yes
Properties------------------right on
Family----------------------my darling husband, my darling wife, my kids......
Cars------------------------no less than 2.olitre

Naturally, when you get together, your long lost friends would be curious to know about your present job, life, bla bla bla.....and naturally, the exchanging of business cards will happen. This is the hardest part. I have got nothing to contribute. My reason to show up is to accompany N, fullstop. How shall I answer to these corporate figures about my present status?

If I have a husband, I can always say, " a proud homemaker."
If I have a promising career, I can say," I am X and I work for company Z."

I do not qualify for both. How shall I answer? My days are numbered and I am so stressed out. And I know S, a nice girl but can be a real pain, will be attending. She is famous for bragging about everything. We keep in touch through email sometimes. She knows my history. Each time I bump into her, she would ask me if I have started dating. She would say things ( on purpose or not) like, " How come you are not dating" or "your line of business does not give you opportunity to meet nice men, huh" etc etc etc.

Now that she will be there for lunch, she is sure to bring the subject up again and this time in front of all my classmates. Can I make up an imaginary boyfriend ah?

Dear Thelma, what should I do? aiyoyo.........kepala sakit, kerongkong sakit, mata sakit, mulut sakit, perut sakit................................

Friday, February 24, 2006


Thank you all for your kind support, your calls, your smses, your hugs, and your............The "chuu mou tan" blood test came out negative, thank god. Even the doctor is puzzled. Her fever is a very low grade fever , which is not that scary as compared to the soaring ones. A fever also tells that there is an infection somewhere in the body which was why initially she was given antibiotics.

Anyway, after all the egg massage, dough massage and all that jazz, including prayers, I have resorted to chinese medicine. The herbs prescribed were bitter that I had to bribe her with candies. We shall see by the 4th day if the herbs work or not. Meanwhile at the sinseh's place, I also went for consultation.

Guess what sinseh asked? My telephone number, of course........grin* grin* la, asking for telephone number was for medical record purposes. Sigh! Anyway, back to the pulse reading . He asked me a very funny question, totally unrelated to western medicine. He asked, " lei yan wui mangchang mou" which means "are you very frustrated."

Mangchang ! Yes.....very mangchang; mangchangness can lead to stroke, high blood pressure, which I do not have, thank god again, and of course, many other illnesses coming due to accumulated negative ions.

Mang with errant drivers
Mang with slow frontliners at service counters
Mang at own's stupidity
Mang at my myself for not having a career I am proud of
Mang for not having a boyfriend
Mang for being a perfectionist
Mang for..............
and the list goes on

In a nicer way, people will say, take it easy, go for aromatheraphy massage, in a more direct way, "get laid" and of course, for the humsap kwais, they will tell you, " faster go jiak bak." Ironically, these few days I have been around discussions on people who are yet to be married and people who have not gotten laid yet or people who are still nicely sealed and vacuumed packed. Is that true that sex helps in the production of happy hormones?

Mind sharing with me your view and thoughts about mangchangness , the prognosis and possibly prescribe a solution to the problem?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Myth or Fact ?

The last and most important blood test result will be out by tomorrow afternoon. This is the most crucial test in that it tests for "chuu mou tan" which in English is called "Chinese Typhoid." Do not bother to look it up as there is no such term in the medical encyclopaedia. This also means I have to drag another day and wait till tomorrow for the result. How torturing.

The older neneks and aunties told me to rub her body with hard boiled eggs or with mixture of rice flour and egg wash. They say to rub from head to toe and after the process, break the dough into 2 pieces and under the sunlight, check for little "pins" which stick out from the dough or egg. Myth or fact, I din't care. I just followed. When you are really at wits end , you will do anything to counter the problem. So,I did as what was instructed but I could not find any of the pins jutting out. mind pondered but aaahh....what the heck! No harm trying .

So, I found a doctor in Jalan Ipoh, who is famous for treating "chuu mou tan." However, when we arrived there this afternoon, we found out that he wasn't in. So, I shall wait for the result tomorrow before adjourning to Doctor "Chuu Mou Tan."

The waiting period is agonising. Having to wait for another day is really torturous and mentally tiring. I hope she gets well soon. And many thanks to fellow bloggers for your comforting words. This is the time when I really need a simple comment, some hugs, some humsap jokes , some smses, some calls to give me reassurance.

We shall see what the next course of action is, by tomorrow afternoon. Hope they find out what is wrong with her so that immediate medical attention could be given to her, and a peace of mind to me.


Today also marks the end of life for my boxer called Scooby. He was 14 years old. He died of old age. Funny, dogs age like human in the sense that they also have grey fur. The coat around his nose, mouth, his eyelashes, his whiskers turned white a few years ago.

Scooby had been with us since puppy and a watch dog to our home ever since. I hope he finds peace . I did not have time for a memorial service for him. Hope he understands.

Haaai....what a day it had been for me.

De-Stress Me, Please

Baby has been sick for almost 2 weeks. It started with a simple fever and tonsils inflammation. Actually, she got the germs from me. I was sick during Chinese New Year. Doctor gave a set of antiobiotics. It did not work. Another bottle given. Eaten. No change.

Blood test taken. Results were normal. Thank God.

She rested for a few days in the house. Went back to school on Friday. Did not want her to miss out in school. Everything went well . Brought her to see an ENT consultant because the fever may be from her sinus, as told by her paediatrician. It turned out that her sinus was fine.

OK. Noting to be alarmed about as her fever was very very mild. This afternoon, I took her temperature again and it showed slight fever. Called the clinic. Her doctor asked me to bring her in for a chest x ray, urine test and a complete blood profile. Battling the heavy downpour this evening and the massive traffic jam, I managed to get to the hospital in 30 minutes.

Nothing firm has been diagnosed yet as her urine and xray results were promising. Now comes the full blood profile which by tomorrow noon, I will be able to know the results. These 2 weeks had been very physically and mentally exhausting. I wished my burden could be lightened.

I am a mother and a father. All decisions lay on me. All burden lay on me. All responsibilities lay on me. All welfare also lay on me. Needless to say, all expenses also lay on me.


CHeeeers !

Monday, February 20, 2006

Dare to share?

I am going to bed soon and I will be seeing him again. He smells great. I love him. In fact, my baby has one too. Don't you love to spread your legs around "it" and hug it and sniff it? Don't tell me you have weaned off "it" ?

Baby calls it "chaochao" because it has her very own distinctive "smell" and I call it my boyfriend. Some people twirl their fingers at the corner of their blankey, some use another pillow to hug, some use Dutch Wife, and so on and so on and so on..........Mine of course, is a Dutch Wife.

How about you? What is yours?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Dinner At..........

As I sit here, looking at my "Happy Buddha" stomach ( damn, I did not realise that it had grown this big), I, again, have to thank my producer for giving me such a warm reception which contributed to one extra pump to my Michelin tyre. It was a satisfying meal, though. I can still smell it everytime my hand gives a lift to my slipping spectacle.

It was an outdoor event. Our table was located under big trees, the sky was clear until the end of the meal when it drizzled, the waiters were handsomely dressed. I did not pay full attention if they had bowties. I was famished, just couldn't focus on those handsome waiters.

The cutleries would be classified " extraordinary" if you do not recide in South East Asia. Food came. Niiiiiiiicee........Of course, though I claim that I am on a diet, tonight was an exception. First, the waiter served us something which is a no-no in Atkins Diet; it was a mountain full of them but I gladly accepted, without remorse. Then the accompaniment came together with extra side dishes which we ordered. We had fish, chicken, sotong and of course, gravy, loads of them.

Whack, whack whack..chop chop..gobble gobble churn churn and now they rest in my tummy. It was a relaxing meal, without having to think much about etiquette and paparazzis. We even had nice "music" to entertain us. The music was actually the loud speaker ordering the waiters to their chores.

Die(t), die(t), die(t) next pubic appearance will be on the 2nd of March which I much dread. Will I be able to lose at least one miserable pound, actually, it is more like a kilo or two before that day? Oh, by the way, those pineapple tarts are sending me messages again .....what am I to do?

Dear Thelma, what should I do with Mr. P. Tart?

Oh, oh, have you guessed what I had for dinner?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Tig "Tag " Toe

Finally, my first attempt ( pretend, pretend to be innocent only; I have heaps....wakaakakaka) in writing a humsap story ended very well with people the same wavelength chipping in; making the story so hot, saucy and sizzling. Just as I was about to write on my new post, I found out that I have been dogtagged . Aiyo, susah la, must use my brain. I haven't used my brain for soooooo long liao, fatt mou chor lor.

If you are wondering how I look like, I have " pasted" a not-too-recent picture of me in my profile, thanks to my blog producer again. A big thank you to you again. Forever grateful.

Here goes:-

1. Name one of the actor of the old days that you missed most

Sek Kuen - HK villain actor

2. Name a cartoon of the old days

Scooby D oo, Road Runners, Popeye, Transformers

3. Name a singer/group of the old days

singer - billy ocean, nick kershaw,paul young, billy idol, Roman Tam, Francis Yip, Tang Lai Kwan, David Bowie
group - spandau ballet, duran duran ( rocks!), bananarama, ub40 ( red red wine)

4. Band of the old days

Human League, Eurythmics, Ultravox, Air Supply, Wham!

5. TV series of the old day

Man from atlantis ( hunky handsome dude), hart to hart, Traper John M.D,

6. Actress of the old day

Audrey Hepburn, Lei Heong Kham, Lo Lan, Nam Hoong,

7. Fashion of Old days that you miss the most

Beggar jeans, big chunky earrings, pseudomadonna like a virgin fashion

8. Movie of old days

My fair lady, Love is a many splendid thing, Hello Dolly, South Pacific, The King and I

9. Music Video of old days

Prince "PurpleRain", Madonna "Like a Virgin"

10. Coolest song of old days

Michael jackson - Beat It

Now, wakakkakaa, I get to tag the next 3 victims and they are........

drums rolling*


straymana of magical-mana
jomel of justmeonly
ah pek of malaysian-ahpek you all know how much braincells I have killed tonight over this tag ah?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Last chapter of humsap koochai ( for you ah pek)

His lips went to my ears, nibbling my ear lobe. I let out a cry , like a helpless kitten. Slowly his lips went down my neck , again nibbling my thoat down to my exposed chest. My breathing was erratic. My hardened nipples were pressing against my white blouse . Shy was I but I still wanted him to continue. Naive I was but so, so curious to explore and discover. By now, his hands moved into the opening of my blouse slowly and exposed one of my breasts.


My whole body stiffened. I could feel his warm fingers running through my breast . That sensation, I cannot explain, why my body is responding to such touches. His fingers played cheekily at my virgin pink nipple and I quivered with delight. I let out a sigh which later turned louder to a moan. I was surprised at my reaction.."is this how it is suppose to be, am I suppose to enjoy, what should I do?" I was lost, drown in pleasure, into a new dimension, discovering my own body.

I looked at him for reassurance. "It's okay to enjoy, it's ok."

" But...I..I...." I blushed and he knew this was my first encounter.

"Don't worry, just let go....I will teach you, you just have to let go and enjoy."

I closed my eyes and let all my senses respond to his feather touches. My nipples yearned for more and I moaned like a wanton woman asking for more. He took my hand and guided me, very slowly to his throbbing manhood. It was rock hard. It was warm, inviting anf exploding. I did not know what to do.

Still nibbling me, his tongue found its way to my breasts. His wet and sensuous tongue was so inviting. I arched my back signaling for more. He sucked my nipples so hard that the pleasure came with pain. Meanwhile, with my fumbling inexperienced hand at his manhood, he moaned, reassuring me that I was pleasing him at the right place. I had to discover the points that would send him wild. He slowly undress his shirt. I did not know what got into me. I pushed his hands away from unbuttoning his shirt. Still caught in his gaze, I looked at his with fiery eyes and ripped his shirt like a wanton woman, waiting to explode wildly with him.

The next thing I knew, we were naked, our body, our skin , connected. His body was so warm. Our bodies entwined. It was a moonlit night and I could hear the music playing outside. I groped his rear, it was solid, firm muscular.

We kissed, exploring each other. It was an adventure.

He found my lovenest. I was wet. The heat was on. I was scared.

He guided my hands at his erected manhood to a certain motion which gave him much pleasure. His mighty erection was ready to conquer. I was ready. I closed my eyes and wanted this to be an unforgettable night with my Prince.



The sound was accompanied by a pungent, revolting smell.

[I can write till here. Now, how would you end this story? This is the last chapter]

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Be Strong , YP. You are a great mother!

Today is my friend's courtcase; it was a criminal case. 3 years back, she filed a police report on wife battery. Her divorce case ended a year ago. Today, the purpose of the hearing is to retract her charges against her ex-husband. She did not want to proceed with the charges because she feels that she should not push to the limit; afterall, they were once husband and wife before. How kind of her.

My friend, YP, married for 2 years, ended up a wounded wife one day, having gone through physical and verbal abuse from her arse-hole husband. Nothing can describe him except that he is a scum to the male species and an animal, a savage to society. Their courtship was quick, she thought she had found true love. They married and soon she got inseminated. She was carrying twins.

During her 8th month pregnancy, they had an argument. He lost it; he kicked her , right in her tummy. Not only did he kick but he kept his hands busy as well. She remained calm, she still swallowed the pain she was going through, for the sake of her unborn twins.

The babies were bornt. They had another row. This time, he did it again. I find it no excuse for him to "lose" it again and start kicking her stomach again, especially during confinement. And it is this time, she lodged a police report. And this explains why she was at the court today.

They had a divorce but without any maintenance or alimony from him. Of course, YP got custody of the kids. YP had to start all over again, joining the workforce to earn a living, and just be the best mom that she can possible give to her kids.

Fine ! It was settled in the court that she agreed to no maintenance or alimony from him. All she wanted was her babies. Case closed.

3 years have passed. Conscience never haunted him. He never bothered to "subsidise" his children in any way.

So, my question is, is it "when having sex and making babies, he shiok only, but when it is time to take responsibility for his babies, he turned his back against them."

Today, he blamed YP in the court for the postponment of their next hearing. He told YP that if it wasn't for her filing charges against him, they wouldn't be in such a messy situation; in and out of court endlessly. He blamed her for provoking him to lay his hands on her. Think! If you were a true gentleman, when provoked, would you beat a woman, let alone she is your wife... someone whom you shiok shiok in the bed with before?

They had a small argument outside the court. I do not know how the subject of maintenance came about but somehow when YP said "you never even have the decency to subsidize the kids' education", he defended by saying that it was up to him whether he wants to fund his children or not.

YP and I share a lot in common except for the kungfu bit. I don't get maintenance. All I ever wanted was my kid back. Simple! But, I just do not understand how these heartless people ( I am being nice tonight and not curse these people) lay back and watch the ex wife and children struggle with money, life, everything and not lift a finger to help. Irresponsible morons! Those are your own flesh and blood.

To what extent would people "kill" just to get even with each other. Some would even strike a deal not to remarry for the next 10 years so that she is eligible to maintenance and other assets.


YP, I hope the courtcase ends soon and put the delayed chapter behind you. Never lose hope. You and I still have a long road to travel.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Gift

Today I had the most unusual Valentine's present. It was a pampering session for my soul and my feet. I asked baby," since you have gotten a Valentine's present for you boyfriend, what are you going to give mummy? Have you got anything for me or you have forgotten about me." She smiled at me cheekily , her 2 bugsbunny teeth showing," Yes, I sure have something for you."

She took out a bottle of Baby Johnson's Oil and asked me to lean back and rest my back on the bedrest. Then she gave me today's newspaper to read while she gave me a foot massage. To give it a more holistic feel, she put on some music from her musical box. Then she began massaging my feet, calf and knees.

After the massage, she wanted to make breakfast in bed for me . Because she has been sick for the last 2 days with fever and inflammed tomsils, I did not have the heart for her to "mess up" the kitchen for me. Besides, she is just 7 years old; too small to operate the stove.

At least, little one cherishes me. And, I made her the best wanton mee with miniature meatballs to fill and warm her tummy.

What a day!

He makes me Melt

Oh yes! I have chosen the perfect timing to post this , yes , on Valentine's Day. Haaaaa.....I hope the cupid's arrow finds its way to my bedroom. Quick, find me a suitor. Those Chap Goh Meh oranges and durians I threw proofed futile.

Ok, ok,it started off this morning. I was walking towards the place where I usually get my coffee. There he was, sitting at the corner table. I did not want to look straight into his eyes, I mean, I am usually very bold, I would look at a guy but not at him. Actually, I really like him, that is why I cannot look at him in the eyes; not even discreetly. One single look and I will melt and give in. No, I told myself, I am not going near him, fullstop.

I went about making my coffee and walked passed him, pretending very hard not to notice him. As I walked passed him I could smell him, a fresh hint of tropical fruitty fragrance....oh heavenly....what shock waves went through my body.

The next time I was in the pantry, he was there again. This time, I stole a glance. And that glance really killed me. He caught me looking at him. Our eyes locked. We were connected. His fiery eyes told me...." I want YOU to eat me ...take me now" Whoaaa...I had a hard time controlling myself because I have a weakness for this guy.

I ignored all his messages . I walked passed him again.

However, I returned after 10 minutes. I could not resist the temptation any longer. I was burning with desire, with passion, I just want him in my mouth; in me, that's all. No one was there but HIM. It was a great opportunity. I just had to have him, even if it is just a quickie.

I walked towards the table, looked at him like a prized possession, took off his cover and



oh yes.... yes

I had my first bite of him and he tasted soooooo GOOD!

And there, I have spoilt my first day of diet,

devouring that piece of


(my diet plan started today ....and all hell broke lose liao...sigh...when will i ever be disciplined)

Happy Valentine's Day

I am not an ardent fan of Valentine's Day ( because got not valentine ) but I should not sulk with the longest papaya face just because I got no date or no boyfriend....there will be many lovebirds celebrating Valentine's Day today. Here is wishing all of you, lovebirds or no lovebirds a very Happy Valentine's Day. In fact, everyday should be your valentine's day especially when you are in love. There is no time, no day , it is never ending.

I may not have my other half YET, but having my good friends and especially my baby spend valentines day with me is truly my valentines. And of course, to my fancee, thank you for supporting me, giving me encouraging comments when I am down and siao with me when i naik kepala angin and those wetwet salty salty ones too....I truly appreciate you.

Oh, by the way, as I was getting my cuppa coffee a few minutes ago, those PINEAPPLE TARTS were staring at me. I had to fight hard to resist them. Damn.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Si Lai of the Month

And the award of the month of January goes to "drums rolling"........Siao_Cha_Bor.
Thank you for the nomination and first of all, I would like to thank a good friend of mine who is the producer of this blog , the committee, Mr.Lin Peh who sees potential in me and lastly, my loyal fancee.
Please, other si lais, your day will come. Hang in there. Lin Peh is fair. Thanks again for the award and the support. I shall continue to be a si lai , a garang when needs to be garang and a softie when needs to be softie si lai. Thank you for your support.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Gloomy weather + tragic death = I need a DRINK, badly!

today's weather in kl is gloomy. it is still drizzling. plus this morning moody blues, plus a tragic news i got at lunch time is just too much for me to handle for a day. i did not start the day right today, with all the leftover dilenma from yesterday about the business partnership with my friend.

10.00am - dilenma still playing in my mind while I was driving to Kepong for my prayers

11.00am - arrived at the temple to pray "thai suey" and managed to block out the
dilenma temporarily

12.30noon - mother told me her sifu's 5 year old boy was at his last heart

i know the boy; i know his parents too. such a young couple; in their mid thirties. he was an obedient boy; a clever one too. he had a fall at his kindergarten, about 13 flight of stairs down. i do not know the details whether the school informed the parents about the fall or the parents knew about the fall but they waited awhile before thinking of sending him to the doctor as he showed no serious symptoms.

3 days ago, the boy had a fall in school. 2 days ago, the boy vomitted in the morning and the school had to call his aunt to pick him up from school as he was crying non stop. that night, he was taken to the doctor and admitted to ICU. he never left the ward. hid soul finally left the ward this noon. tragic! tragic! such a sweet and innocent child. and he is someone i know and that makes it worse for me. when my mom called his mother on her mobile, mom told me her only sentence was , "he can go anytime now". this reminds me of the movie "city of angels". the angels ( i bet the boy had pretty angels waiting for him) were waiting to take him at his death bed. i hope enroute, he would be kept warm and be strong and not be afraid to make his journey. afterall, he was leaving behind his parents whom he had never been away alone before. in my heart, i wish him a good journey but i could not bring myself to think of his parents; how heartwrecked they must be now. he was their ONLY child.

i suddenly missed my baby a lot upon hearing the news.

i make it a point to always give her a morning hug before school. who knows what the day brings and how it will end.

a fall is not to be taken lightly. the vomitting and crying are telltales of something is amiss. a long time ago, i read in the papers that a young girl went on a roller coaster ride. it was her first and last ride. she complaint of dizziness and vomitted after a few days and lapsed into coma. it seemed that she had brain haemmorhage during the ride as it was too much an excitement for her.

sigh. when my mom comes back from the hospital later, i think i not only need a drink; i need a cocktail of cough syrup + whatever i can find in the "special" cupboard. more heartbreaking news......................

Moody Blues

today, well, not realli, twas yesterday i felt it coming in the morning already but still managed to suppress the feeling. somehow, i felt it worse today. it is not my monthly bills but someting has cropped up in my life and i am in a real dilenma. a very good friend has asked me to look into possibilities on joining her in her business. i was very excited initially but the feeling has turned into anxiety and now it is slowly going down the drain. firstly, she is my childhood friend and it is against my principle to partner a good friend in any businesses. I really do not want to end 30 years of friendship just because of conflicts. however, a part of me does want to help her.

so, to help and place the friendship on thin wire or not to help and see her sink? i have chosen the latter,which i feel selfish because i have chosen my friendship but watch her drown. sigh.....why do i have to feel lousy? its not even my fault.

please enlighten me

Thursday, February 09, 2006

An Innocent Valentine's Gift

This evening, I had the pleasure of joining hundreds of shoppers at MidValley , shopping for the right Valentine's gift.'s been years since I last bought a Valentine's gift and it's been decades since I received one. I could see the shopper's anxiety and excitement choosing the best gift for their loved ones. Economy bad or not, the items are still being snapped up pretty fast. All the fuss getting the present did not excite me at all, though it was for a boy.

Of course, the boy is not mine. That explains why I am not excited! I was accompanying my daughter to get a present for her childhood friend whom she is "infatuated" with. It seems, that the boy also "fancies" her a lot. So, phhhewwww.......its a mutual feeling.

We first attacked "Lovely Lace" but the items were not to our liking. Next was "Memory Lane" but ......not our cuppa tea as well. Finally, we settled for Famous Amos's giftpack which included a teddy bear, pencil holder and some Hershey's chocolate. I could only look at the gift with great envy as my daughter has a "boyfriend" . She is soo excited about Valentine's Day and her poor mother is dreading it. Yuks!

Anyway, this so called "boyfriend" of hers is very sweet. Last Christmas while vacationing in Hong Kong, he called up to wish her "Merry Christmas" and got her a souvenir mug from HK Disneyland. This Chinese New Year he also called to wish her whislt he was away in Penang. Now, isnt't that sweet!

I could only envy her. Now I am really wondering of I should really go throw oranges on Chap God Meh. I want to hit JackPot ah...............

Me "lebih" or you "lebih" ah?

This blog is especially for you, B.

I like to have a wide circle of friends. All friends are treated equally regardless of their gender, race, religion, profession and background. I have known B for years. When I first knew him, he was a humble man who has a great career and I can see that his paycheck was very generous to him as he "decorates"himself like a elite. Well, in simple, he is a class above the yuppies.

To me, if you excel in your career, I, as your friend, am genuinely happy for you. You are climbing the corporate ladder strongly. But as time flies, to some people, not all, money, power , social status will take control over them. And I am writing this because, I am very scared one day, if I EVER strike $$$$$$, I wouldn't want to be in his shoes. Suppose I strike gold, will I turn into a second B? This question always chills me to the bone.

You see, B has been showing me his new "ornaments" whenever we have a chance to meet up. He works in Singapore for a MNC with a fat paycheck. Not contented with his present Toyota Harrier, he changed to BMW X3 . Nothing new to me. Being in the business world, a prestigious car , I say, would be pleasing to the client. Afterall, this is a materialistic world. You are being srutinised from your spectacles to your shoes.

But , B is like you and me; we all draw salaries. I am not complaining or comparing but he has really gone overboard. He brags about his

1. spectacles - all branded
2. his wacthe(s)- I took a peek and it was Lolek
3. his shirt - Guess, etc etc etc and some names I haven't heard off or maybe I am too sakai
4. his shoes - Gucci, Lacoste, etc etc etc, and how much he spends for his shoes
5. of course his car, X3
6. his accessories - silver necklace from Tiffany ( mm, men also wear accessories worr)

On and on and on . He has made it in his career and I as a friend, am happy but the bragging has to go. And I thought all these "lebih show" only exists in the women's world.

Of course, I am immuned to the "lebihs" among the female category. These people will brag about the minutest possession they have and mind you, though small, they cost a bomb. Cars, designer wear, jewelleries, shoes, lingeries, hair salons, botox parties, cosmetic surgeries, afternoon teas, grand social events and the list goes on.

Nothing against these people. But how is it that for some, wealth somehow has overshadowed them? They have become so "lebih", so snobbish as in they are a cut above the rest. But, there are some who remain humble and low key.

Don't "lebih lebih" with me. I don't take craps like this. Buoy tahan liao!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Ngee ngee ngam ngam like lao cha bor

I am going to complaint tonight. I have tolerated enough. I just have to air out my frustration. On what, this time? Men? Money? Kiddo? Aaaahh.......but of course it is none other than human attitude. I can't say that I am all that civic conscious but at least I have common sense. Give you an example......fresh from the oven as I just experienced this at 4 pm at MidValley carpark.

This could happen to anyone, anywhere . It may sound like a small problem but it gets into my nerves and I wonder if I am over-reacting or do you share the same thought as me? God, I hope its the latter because I would look like an edgy, frustrated female dog on HEAT.

Ok, ok, the story begins like this. I had an appointment at 4.30pm. I arrived at MV carpark at 4.00pm. Good, I thought, at least I have another 20 minutes or so to run my errants before the appointment. Circulating the carpark, I managed to stalk the shoppers heading towards their car. The next right move would be for me to turn the signal light on so that other cars would know that I am waiting for the parking bay. Ok, here is my problem. If you knew that a car is waiting for your parking bay, would you hurry a little , drive out of the parking bay for the car waiting ? Or would you go about your business putting on lipstick, chatting on the mobile phone and who knows what fuckshit else you do in the car and couldn't care less. There I was, waiting at least 10 minutes and those college kids were choosing their seats , who to sit with who, talking and laughing at their actions when all that time they knew I was waiting for their bay. Putting on seat belts, unfastening again, got off the car, changed their seats again and bla and bla and bla. What inconsiderate citizens ! I did not have the chance to tell this to them but here it is,"Get the fuck out or I will ram your fucking car." Naaa......!

This is not my first time encountering inconsiderate arse holes like them. At least, have the courtesy to vacate the bay for the next car in waiting. Drive out of the bay, park somewhere safe and put on your damn lipstick if you have to or change your seating arrangement if you have to.

Oh, since I am at this boiling point, I would like to take this opportunity to also point at those people who do not have the courtesy to hold the door for the person behind, toddlers not spared too. Yes, I have seen , toddlers banging into the door all because the person holding the door couldn't be bothered to look behind. I am not asking him or her to be a "doorman" but it is common sense to hold the door for the person behind you. Same goes in the elevator. I have seen people entering the lift without even bothering to press the "open door" button when other people are also entering the lift. "Bang bang" the lift door closes and guess who gets sandwiched? Its either the aged, handicapped or babies sleeping in their prams. It doesn't hurt just to lift up your finger and press at the "open door" key whilst others are entering the elevator.

It really doesn't hurt at all. In fact, it feels great if you have contributed to the public. I do not consider myself civic conscious and boy do I have a lot of catching up to do. For instance, I am one of those who just need a little discipline in returning the supermarket trolley to their bay in the carpark. Most people would just leave them near their cars after unloading their stocks. Once upon a time,when those trolleys needed the RM 1 coins to "borrow" the trolley,people would still bring the trolleys back to their respective collection bays just to get back their Rm satu ringgit but now? I think should be a fuckcare attitude. The funniest thing is, call me a hypocrite but I dared not break even a rule in Singapore. Why? Because I feared public punishment! I did not want to be seen in the public picking up rubbish or doing community service because of my actions. I had to live by the rule and I must say, it was tough. It was difficult in the beginning.

It is not difficult to be considerate. Try! Just try !

Friday, February 03, 2006

Feng Thao Yuen

I am in heaven / hell.

Yes, the doctor listened to my chest today and told me my lungs do not sound good......congested and wheezing.....almost reaching asthmatic point. She suggested the "nebulizer" to open up the airways of my lungs for easier breathing and easier for me to bring out the phlegm. She also prescribed a medication called "ventolin" which is a happier pill than "actifed." I am surprised that I can still do this post without much typing error and that is because I am typing on the keypad with great strength. If I do not type hard on the keys, I feel my fingers trembling and hard to control.......and that is the effect from the new drug that I am taking. I look like a person suffering from "parkinson's disease." I have difficulty controling the "mouse" and at times, I can see the tikus slipping away.

I hope my head does not shake as well. I would definitely fit well in discos tonight.....jamming away with uncontrolable head and hands.....really high on "drugs." Here I am, sick and on medication and my mind wonders off to pubs and discos and my mamak. I have been good these 4 days. I am CLEAN. No alcohol at all . Yes, it is Chinese New Year and no alcohol. Eat "yee sang" and no beer. Tak shiok, tsk tsk tsk.......tak shiok!

So, all you fancee, please please pray for me to get well soon so that I can catch up on what I am missing. I need to be strong as an OX by next Sunday because it is a special day and this will be my first year and first time doing IT. Yes, next Sunday is Chap Goh Mei, chorr sap ng whereby people visit the Kuan Yin temple and pray and also this is the day to pray "thai suey" and also this is the day I, Siao Cha Bor go throw olenges in the lake. Hehe....blush blush.

So, hope I get well soon for next Sunday's event. Morning pray "thai suey", afternoon pray "kuan yin" and evening throw olenges. Any suggestion on what to throw ah? Besides my head, some of my friends suggested coconuts, watermelon. You see, I need to throw something that attracts attention as there will be potential "victims" ( eligible men) in fishing nets trying in vain to catch as many oranges as possible. Will a watermelon standout from the rest of the oranges? Mmmm.....

Whoa, time flies. I need to get up early and queue for a number for the paediatrician registration. Yes, I need to be at SJMC the latest by 8am. No joke ! The doctor is very "laku" one. I need to depart from home by 7.33am, zoom to Subang and take a number by 8am when the counter opens for registration, register baby with her doctor, zoom home, get her ready and zoom back to SJMC by10am, hopefully the doctor would have clocked in by then. Hectic...very hectic. You must be thinking if it is all worth the trouble, effort, time,petrol cost, parking cost and etc etc etc and the answer is still YES. If I were to make a single trip to the hospital with baby at say 9.00am, we would be maybe the 20th in line and knowing the doctor will be in her office by 10am, dilly dally a bit and by the 20th patient, the clock would have shown 2pm. By then, we would be so tired of waiting, spending breakfast, lunch and possibly tea at the hospital. I have been there and done that and no way and I going to camp there AGAIN.

Being a mommy and a daddy is no joke. The responsibility is unmeasurable. But, in return,the joy and "pain" of raising the child is rewarding. The experience of motherhood and (fatherhood) for me, is a lifetime experience which I never thought I would make it till now.....I have been hanging in there and I hope I will be strong enough to hang in there for many more years to come.

Oh yes, back to SJMC and why I am so "kancheong" to bring baby to see her "khai ma" (paediatrician). I was told by my doctor friend that if a child is prone to asthma ( not asthmatic) but highly likely to develop asthma, it is always advisable to bring the child to the doctor especially of she develops a fever. Usually, doctors do not like to dispense antibiotics unnecessarily but because the child has a history of mild asthma, the doctor might start the child on antibiotics. This is just a personal opinion from my friend which I shall take heed. I shall have a full report tomorrow.

Ok, I am putting my hands straight out and having a clean white printing paper lying on my palm and the richter scale says 7.0 Yes, that bad! I hope by next week, I would still be able to spell my name correctly, know my surname and my father's name. Don't send me back to Hospital Bahagia because there got no laptop.

Huh? As I scrolled down this post, I read many different topics , jumping from happy pills to, chap gor meh to watermelon to SJMC to motherhood to antibiotics to hospital bahagia?
Geeeesss......I am self confessed NUTCASE.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Missing for 2 1/2 days of CNY

I don't want to "hai hai seng" (sigh) especially during CNY but ...but....I just have to do it just once.......Haaaaaaaaiiii.....YO. I been sick since Monday night. Veli the teruk throat, fever, cough and flu. So, Tuesday I went to see doktor BY MYSELF ! Not that I have never been to the doctor's alone ( I hardly have companion when I see doctor), but Tuesday I felt awkward especially upon seeing most patients there had a companion.

Anyway, I got what I wanted , which was, the precious medicine. When I reached home, I gulped down the "treasure pills" hoping that I would recover quickly so that I can continue with my booze and club hoping. Wednesday morning I saw my hands trembling. Nevermind! I slept the whole day, drifting in and out of sleep. One minute I was floating in the sea, I could feel the hot seabreeze blowing and sweat trickled down my ears. I wanted to open my eyes to see the view; I did not want to miss out on the scenery. I forced my eyelids to open and ...... Whoa!.....I was soaking wet in my own sweat, sleeping on the sofa. But where the heck was the sea?
No seabreeze; it was the fan blowing , no seawater; it was my salty sweat.....eeeeewwww...yuks yuks.

I fell back to sleep. Whoa....I found myself sleeping on cotton candy, floating through the clouds, feeling so light, just like the cotton candy. I had to open my eyes to see the cotton candy....and by the time I did that, it was already in the late afternoon. The medication really had such "marvellous" effect on . And it particularly warned not to drive or operate machinery and not to consume alcohol together with the medicine. Meaning, if I were to "accidentally"or "unintentionally" mix the "treasure pills" with alcohol, I would be in Cloud 9, or Happy Land? Thaaaat I need to be in the utmost kepala angin time to try out. Not now, not just yet.

So, the erratic sleeping pattern continued till today. I felt so much better but my hands still trembled. Feeling unsatisfied, I seeked another doctor. I was told that the "actifed pill" usually causes heart palpitation and trembling. Eeeeeyikes.......scary. I stopped the "happy"pills. Thank god for the second opinion.

I had a short nap today. Did not want to end up in "happy or hell land." I saw myself the proud owner of a new handphone which I have been longing for, the new Motorola Slvr L6.......mmm yumm yumm yumm yumm.

Woke up feelinf refreshed and no trembling at all. Good news. Throughout the sick days, I tried to distant myself from my kiddo fearing I may pass the germs to her. Everything was working well until this evening I felt warm in her forehead. I am afraid I have not so good news; yup, she has a fever. And that explains why I am here at this hour as it is about time to give her medication for her fever. The night is long and I will have to monitor her fever . Florence Nightingale into action again.

Hope baby gets well soon and hope I get well soon too coz....coz...its paaaaaarrrty time again....yeh yeh yeh ...woooohooooooo........

Gees, am I nuts or what?