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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Year of the Dog

Woooof! Woooooof!

Yes, yes, the year of the Dog is approaching fast. I am not an ardent fan of fengshui, tarot cards, palmistry, face reading or birthdate and time reading ( see sun pat chit), but somehow after 2 turbulent years, awwwww.......what the heck, I did all.......yes, I followed all. Kwanyin, Buddha also I pray.

I went for tarrot cards reading , palmistry, birthdate reading, fortune telling and now...zzheeng , zheeng, zzheeng, zhheng........fengshui to complete the process. Bought the book called "Fortune & Fengshui 2006 for the Dog." A little hard to understand the directions for placing the whatever requirements for enhancing my luck.

Anyway, my main target is wealth, LOVE and of course family.

For good luck, I should wear RED in 2006 and if possible, wear a red gemstone on my third finger, and Dzi beads on my right hand. Er, I wonder if killer RED lipstick counts ah? I may turn out looking like Angelina Jolie or for the worst, a real hen !

Wealth wise, I am now hunting for a calculator or abacus or both if I feel greedy. Of course a miniature one would be ideal as I need to carry around in my handbag. many things to follow............NEVERMIND.

Love and romance, these 2 look promising as well. To activate my peach blossom ( thou farr), I need to find a pair of rabbit. The prettier the rabbit, the better. Because my sense of direction is so bad and I know I would never find out where to place the rabbits, I think I should place as many rabbits as my room can handle, preferably all round the room. Now, what do you think?

This year, I play host to Thai Suey. So, I shall be contributing to the incense offering . This takes discipline. I am one of those who "no problem no pray, got problem then pray."

So, what have I missed out before we usher 2006?

Anyone out there doing the same thing? Yoooohoooo...........

Geeees, after reading this post, am I auntie or what?


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