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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Part 2

Regaining my consciousness, my eyes slowly opened and found his lips pressed against mine..........
My vision was blurry but I managed to catch a glimpse of his face vaguely.......but his eyes, oh his eyes were mesmerising....such hypnotic eyes he has and his natural odour ( not BO ah) ....I can never forget that male smell he has. Just the thought of his soft lips pressed against mine, his body leaning against mine, fitting perfectly into my contours like a jigsaw puzzle sends shivers down my spine almost making me climax in a manner I haven't experienced before.

I blushed like a tomato as I have never been close to a man before what more being kissed or was it just pure professional resuscitation that he was giving me ? I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the pure pleasure that I was having.

For some reason I found myself responding to his kiss. I have never been kissed before and I really did not know how to and what to do. I know it is wrong and unladylike to kiss especially in our first brief meeting but I just could not stop. My desire,my hunger overpowered my head. Slowly, he parted my lips with his tongue. I froze with fear. As his tongue wondered into my mouth, I gave out a sigh of delight. His hands went round my waist , pressing his body harder against mine. At the moment, I felt a sense of urgency. My heart pounded like the tiling machine and the gush of blood sent shock waves. Why am I feeling this way? I couldn't understand . What is all this?

His lips went to my ears, nibbling my ear lobe. I let out a cry , like a helpless kitten. Slowly his lips went down my neck , again nibbling my thoat down to my exposed chest. My breathing was erratic. My hardened nipples were pressing against my white blouse . Shy was I but I still wanted him to continue. Naive I was but so, so curious to explore and discover. By now, his hands moved into the opening of my blouse slowly and exposed one of my breasts.


To be continued or not? I hope I wont turn this into a porno site....aiyo


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