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Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Vaccine

Yesterday was not a good day. Looks like I have not mastered the art of being patient. For some reason, the Federal Highway was jammed like mad at 2 pm. Usually, I can "tahan"traffic jams but not yesterday. Not that I honked or stuck my third finger at anyone but I could feel the nuclear reactor's temperature rising. We, baby and I were on the way to the hospital to get her jab. The jam started near PJ Hilton. Inch by inch we wormed slowly towards the first exit from MidValley and I thought ( mother clever born me) I used Kelana Jaya to cut through Motorola and down the rest of the highway. WHoa, it took us longer time to reach the hospital. Nevermind! Calmed down already.

At the clinic, as we were waiting for baby's turn, this old lady started talking to me. She asked how come I only have ONE child. she was a senior citizen, a little deaf, I behaved. I smiled sweetly and know...smiled. She told me her daughter-in-law has 4 kids. Well, I told her she is very fortunate to have many offsprings. Then she went on telling me how clever her grandchildren are. she did not mean it in a harmful way, I behaved. I smiled sweetly and just......flash a bright Barbie ala Malaysia look.

I really wanted to tell her that I am a single parent but because she has hearing problem, I knew I had to shout into her ear and explain my situation then sure all heads will turn towards my direction. I really did not want to give her adrenaline pumping stories. So, I just digested everything that she said and surprisingly, I felt nothing. No feeling of sadness, tuulun-ness or whatsoever. All was calm again.

Anyway, back to the clinic. To all mommies and daddies, do you know that there is a new vaccine called pneumocockle ( pneumo-cockle).....geees, I don't know the spelling so please look it up yourself. This vaccine is for children with poor immunity, it helps prevent ear infections, pneumonia and bronchitis to a certain extent. So, do check it out with your paediatrician(s).


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