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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006

I am up early. Yes ! Rise and shine. Usher 2006 positively ( I try). I was a good girl last night, I did not drink a drop of alcohol. That felt weird because I had every excuse to drink but I did not.

I did not have time or rather did not want to have time to reflect on my 2005. I guess that explained why the drinking sessions throughout this week was needed. I was not giving a single chance to replay my events in 2005 or 2004. 2004 was a bad year for me; 2005 better. I kept myself intoxicated so that I won't have a chance to think or hope for a better 2006. Looks like after all toxins have left my system, what is left is still ME, my brains,my thoughts and I still have to come back and face the reality on the issue " What did I achieve in 2005 and what I want my 2006 to be." Of course we can't predict the future . But certain things that we wish for, that we want, that we desire so badly, we can make it happen . With a little luck and opportunity, we may have them. I guess we can say opportunities are in our hands. Somehow, we can make it happen.

Long ago,I was a pessimist. I still am. But , with friends, good friends, they have talked some sense into me and opened my windows to see further. Out in the ocean, the possibilities are endless. I hope with this attitude, new thinking, my 2006 will be a better one.

Of course, everyone talks about prosperity. I won't deny the fact that money rules. Besides all the desires of wanting more money, wanting a Angelina Jolie's body, I guess the ultimate desire is a life enriched. Very simple. An enriched life would make me a very happy person.

Looking back, I have not achieved much. No money, no husband, no career to brag about. Life is just life.

Here it is, I hope to take a bold step in 2006, make my hopes become a reality, make life simple and happy, stay true to myself and people love me for being me and to be wiser and rational ( I am always irrational) so that I can give the best guidance to my baby.

2006, here I come!
And may I wish all you loyal fans a greater year to come.


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