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Thursday, January 05, 2006


I don't know how to put this but I have something to tell . Remember the event which I went to? I can consider myself fruitful as I had 2 "victims" calling me up. Initially I was reluctant to meet up but I guess I should always give myself and the other person a chance. Afterall, the more friends the better. MEN, don't get me wrong here....I am not a MAN HATER. Just want to share this with everyone especially ladies and of course, not forgetting you men.

So, I went for dinner with, let's name him Luzer tonight. We had a quick bite at Bangsar Shopping Complex's foodcourt. He told me about his stay in Singapore for 7 years, working there. When I asked how come he came back, he was reluctant to tell......"Oh, it is a long story." Mmm.....alrighty. I did not want to pry but I smelled a sardine coming my way. Nevermind! Gave him a chance, I did. Later throughout dinner, I told him that I am a divorcee. He then confessed to me that he too is one himself. Well..well....that explained his long stay in Singapore. Ok, ok nevermind...more juicy story coming up! Luzer wanted to have a drink at Bangsar. I already made an excuse not to drink as I have a sore throat but he still insisted.
Ok, we shall see what kind of game is instored for me. By the way, he kept saying" I am beginning to like you." EEEEEEEEEEeeyuuuuuks! yuks yuks yuks! I am not those ah lian la, fuck. Wrong target, man. Sorry to say but he is wasting his time.

So, we headed for Absolute Chemistry. Yea, right. CHemistry his arse. Before I go any further, please excuse me but I need to let off steam here and swear. Here is the real me which I have been hiding from all my loyal fans. Hope after reading this, you won't put on your running shoes and run as fast as the Gingerbread Man did.

Cha bor here hates it when people start to speak England england or American england. I mean, if I find no flaw, then I accept your pronunciation and "tune" to be natural but Luzer, this fucking shithead, spoke with American accent thinking that I will fall for it. Aiyo, sister here eat more salt than him la, though he is older than me. NIa Seng! My number one rule is " Do not pretend in front of me coz I sure catch your mistakes and if I do, I sure strike you off." Ok, nevermind. I knew what he was up to, that horny scumbag. He insisted that I drank. Ok. I had a bottle of Orr kau. Luzer then went on telling me about his ex wife, that she was 1995 Miss HK finalist. That she was pretty, she did not drank a single drop of alcohol or even smoked. Then he went on telling me about his University life in US and how he screwed many girls there except the blacks. Ok..ok...he talked, I listened. All his girls were pretty, so he said. By the way, he also commented that I am plump. Tiu nia seng! I did not ask for his comment la. What the fuck was he trying to proof to me. Anyway, he kept cheersing with me, must be hoping that I get tipsy. Done with my first bottle. Still OK. I had to be OK. Then he asked me...mmm.... this is interesting.....he asked "How do I satisfy myself" and "how long can I tahan if I did not have sex." desu nee.....i see...i the whole night through, he was just waiting to pounce this question trying to test the water and see if he can makan me. Na Beh ! My answer was....."Drink and don't think." Then he told me about his encounter during the New Year's Eve celebration. He was at RumJungle and fished a girl. He told me that the girl was hornee and asked where his car was ( I guess you all would figure out why the girl asked for his car.....go use your thinking cap)

Ok, nevermind. Then he bragged about his investments $$$$. This time I really kenot tahan already. When he went to the toilet ( don't know to ease himself or have a preshaking session), I picked my phone and pretended to text. We continued our conversation a little and he cheers me my second round of orr kau. I , for some reason, blurted out that I have lesbian friends. Whooooa, his face turned blue. He asked me.." don't tell me you are a lesbo ah?" Ahhh ha, I caught his weak point. He was really out looking for a funtime. Sure, he can have fun with some other chics but not me, he won't. Down with the second bottle of Orr Kau, sister still going strong. I could see he was a little pissed as he did not know what I am.....straight or curly....I guess his mind must be playing tricks on him. Well, I thought I help confuse him somemore by explaining why some women choose women to be their partners. That did the trick. Plus I added some of my chorrlorrness which in the beginning he told me he did not like vulgar women. That was the last shake of ajinomoto I gave for the night. Better show him my trueself.

Again I pretended to talk on the phone and made an excuse that my buddy is waiting for me in the mamak and that I had to leave. Whoaaaa, you should see his face, he was so happy to get rid of me. Ha ha ha ha.......

The whole night did not turn out well but I learnt a good lesson. Mr. Luzer is not what he seemed to be that night at the event. He told me he had many girls calling him up. Aiyo, sister here not young chic anymore. These kinda small talk will only make me laugh more at him. Fucking loser cum childish numbskull. The most tuulun thing is "how do I SATISFY myself". I mean, if he really wanted to know, he can find out at rancangan pendidikan yamede. He had gone overboard. Way overboard. He thought I was vulnerable. That explained why he asked about the reason for my breakup, my sexual urges, and bla bla bla....fucking scumbag. So, if I was the vulnerable one + the drinks + sexual topics + his personal investments ( condo), would I have fallen into his web?

I hope women, especially young girls who are reading this, please be mindful when going out with pricks like Luzer. If you cannot drink, do not pretend to be a hero and drink as the man tells you to because alcohol can play tricks on you ( not that I am a good drinker myself but I try to train a bit) for occasions like tonight. Don't you even dare think that Luzer is so MAN that he gets to fuck any girl he likes. He can go fly his own kite, for crying out loud. And do not let these pricks catch your weak point be it your vulnerability or your sensitivity towards alcohol and use these to turn to his advantage.

I wonder if he still thinks....."I am beginning to like you." Yuuuuks !

Readers, be it you are a lesbian or horny scums, this is not intended to hurt anyone's feelings. All are respected. All comments welcomed.

We shall see if he calls up for another meeting. Ha ha ha ha ha........

EY, you nice men reading this, I am a very sweet girl, don't run away , pleeeease, I am not a man hater..................come back, come back.......


  • At 1:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    lol, kow tow kow tow !! :D

  • At 1:12 AM, Anonymous maria aka twinsmom said…

    why he said you plump? because he expect you will get angry and open your shirt for him to check mah, cheapo Luzer.

  • At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Joyce said…

    stumbled here fm Desmond(9394)blog
    First time reading yr post.

    TQ for yr advices! Yr experiences v. enlightening & humourous (haha...)

    Hope you meet your "ngam" feel man soon. HAPPY NEW YEAR !

  • At 1:50 PM, Blogger JoMel said…

    hahaha... shit man! I can't believe it. Is this the mkt mgr???

    OMG. What a loser! I don't know what I would do if my date ask me that question.

    I probably will be hurt initially because I would be thinking that he asked me out cos' he likes me but with that kind of questioning, we all know that the sole purpose would be to get into a woman's undies. So geram!!!!

    Thanks for the story. At least it makes me more alert too.

  • At 3:08 PM, Blogger Siao Cha Bor said…

    eh eh, siapa nie anonymous?identify yourself.....anyway, thanks for dropping by lai lai yum seng

    maria ah, aiyo, open what shirt la...i was wearing a space suit with chastity belt....

    hey joyce, thanks for dropping by was a good experience for meeting my ngam man ah, tis year seems very good for DOGS and I am equipping myself with lotsa fengshui stuff.....aiyo i sound like an auntie


    jomel ah, yea yea HE is THE ONE leh
    LuuuuuuZER la he....yuks

  • At 9:14 PM, Blogger straymana said…

    That was too damn farking much!!! Dirty loser bugger!!!

    Next time tell him you got a gay friend you think very suitable and you want to introduce to him.

    Or even better, tell him got akua fren (like one you saw at that event) to intro to him also.

  • At 10:02 PM, Blogger fishtail said…

    "I am beginning to like you." Did he really use that line? Aiyoh, that's as old as the dinosaurs lah, haha! I think he's an amateur; asking about sex life and all. Someone please ask him to go back to his si-foo for more lessons.

  • At 9:52 PM, Blogger Nine3 Nine 3 said…

    Cha Bor,

    Please come to my blog
    I tag you meme la
    Hope u can do it for the fun of it la

  • At 12:43 AM, Blogger Siao Cha Bor said…


  • At 3:41 AM, Blogger Wingz said…

    Diu!! where have u been all these while ? now only i found your blog ... so nice to read ... ima nice man but im not running ... cant run ... too heavy LMAO!!


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