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Monday, January 30, 2006

CN Y Night 1 - The 3 Sorr Hai(s) chasing Liberty

Yes, the grueling visiting was over. Evening came. I was bored. Called my friend to go minum. Had another phone call from my childhood friend who so happened to be "free" last night as her other half was "absent". SO, got drinks ,minum; got food, eat; got party,we go. We were all excited . It was indeed a "fong sang" ( taste of liberty) experience for us.

So, 2 "sorr hais" left the house at 10 pm to pick the last "sorr hai" up and off we embarked on our journey of liberty. We checked Zouk out at 10.30pm. Mmmm.....tada orang. Nevermind. Went to the carpark and checked the lot for vacancy. Wah, jia lat, I could park wherever I wished. Oh no way am I going to pay a cover charge of $35, and let those people feast on the 3 sorr hais monopolising the dancing floor. So, off we went again round the city. We struck off Rum Jungle, Poppy, Thai Bar as the foreign invasion was too strong a presence. Went to Asian Heritage Row but Bar Savanh was closed. My last resort was an Ah Lian and Ah Beng dance and bar in Sunway.

Off went the 3 "sorr hais" to Qbar at Sunway Hotel. It looked much better but still not like a regular night. Lots of college kids but we whacked la. Enjoyed the music and the companion. Still not contented, we left for another dancing place. We tried Eastin Hotel's "RUSH". Whoaaaa, lagi teruk. Drove up the driveway and we were greeted by 2 parking attendants. I asked about the music and patrons and cover charge. Ah ha, these 2 guys got closer to my door, in fact, leaning towards me and I was dead scared. He said, " if I bring you in, no need cover charge". Whoaaa, I gave the most hesitant smile, wound up the window and discussed with the 2 behind. We decided to drive through the hotel lobby and saw some patrons as young as 14 , maybe. Tsk, tsk, good at all. I did not want to end up in the lock up. So, off again the 3 "sorr hais" embarked on their journey in search of freedom . "I want to break free, I want to break free" ( QUEEN) .....zooom, zoooom, off to Bangsar, our last destination as it was already 2.30am. Checked Absolute Chemistry out but it was closing. Bar Flam looked like there was some "projek" going on , so we did not bother. Illusions did not look captivating too. Round and round and round like going round the peach blossom maze, "thou farr wan". Mmm.....if yesterdays rounds proved effective, then my knight in shining armour will "muncul tak lama lagi".

Round, round, round till we stopped at the mamak for satay. Aaaah, that was the best thing that ever happened for the whole night. Nothing beats the mamak. Damn I love the mamak. Had satays and my usual nescafe tarik kurang manis and re-caped the whole night, rewind, play rewind, play and laughed at the night's out.

Geeeeeeesss............that is how the 3 "sorr hais" spent the first CNY night and welcoming the 2nd CNY day.

Gila but still FUN.


  • At 6:22 PM, Blogger JoMel said…

    if my K&S are not so small, I would have been one of the sor hai out in the streets at such a time as well. I really miss that! Its been years since I went out at night and go mad like that. you are so lucky with your parents around huh? I too wish... *sigh* I too want to break free, but not yet. Not time yet.

  • At 6:53 PM, Blogger CrazyGrr| said…

    Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!

  • At 9:26 AM, Blogger Siao Cha Bor said…

    gong hei to crazygrrl

    so so, should there be a "sorr hai" club ah? and then set up a "sorr lun" club oso?

  • At 6:48 PM, Blogger straymana said…

    Who who?? Got your "knight in shining armour" appear meh? Ooo.... the mamak is it? Waakakaaaaa


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