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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Singapore - Part 2

And so the story continues. We pampered ourselves this time and decided to bunk in a hotel. All went smoothly, no complaints at all. Night fell. Even at midnight, we could still hear merry goers and the Xmas songs played at the speakers along Orchard Road.

We had a long day, that Saturday. We turned in early, which was midnight. It was a nice sleep, I must say, because the mattress was superb ( wish I could tarr pao back the bed) and the air condition was blowing full blast the whole night ( I no need to pay electricity bill, so I full blast la).

Driiiiilllll.......drill...drill drill drill...... on the toilet wall Door knob turning , twisting, turn and twist. Drill drill and the sound of the door opening and closing many many times. I was still sound asleep or should I say, I'd rather not think of those noises. It was fucking 4am. My parents were afraid if the drilling continued, our toilet wall would be broken into. It would be abnormal to carry renovation during that hour. Mmm.......I kept steady . Did not want to scare myself YET. The noise went on for about 20 minutes and all was quiet again. Funny, we did not call the reception to complain. I guess we did not want to know the TRUTH. Or should I say, we did not want to "agitate" whoever or whatever. So, we just left things as it was and tried to sleep.

The next day, we decided to tell the reception about our encounter. They looked surprised. I blurted out asking if there were "kwai" in that floor. The handsome receptionist looked stunt. Anyway, we did not want trouble..we just wanted to inform them, that's all.

We went back to our room. No. We decided it won't be our room for another night. Heck, no way. We asked for a change of room.

Now, that was the closest encounter I have ever had with "whatever and whoever". I guess they are harmless if we left them as they were.

Eeeee.....goosebumps like chicken skin................................


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