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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Naa..come out from my shell already laa!

Ok...naa...happy? Hibernated enough liao! Actually, I was testing who are the loyal readers laa...joke joke. I was away last Friday..yes off to Singapore to see the Xmas lights , for my baby's sake.

This year's decoration is brilliant. I must say they have done it again and better this year compared to last year. They even have speakers along Orchard Road walkway , airing Xmas songs. I must say, it did have a very Christmassy feel to it.

Sales, sales, sales everywhere. I was there in time for the sales as it started on the 16th and will end soon after Christmas. Storwide sales up to 15% if you shop at Robinsons, John Little, Takashimaya and er, I only managed to attack these few stores...did not have time to conquer the other department stores but I am sure, they are taking advantage of the festive season.

Lelong, lelong, lelong till 12 midnight. Boyfriends, husbands, maids, babies sleeping in their strollers all waited patiently for their WOMEN to shop. Sigh! It was fun to shop, er, window shopping ah,......not real real buying. To just watch those shoppers buying and buying especially in a fish market situation was FUN. Those ladies, pushing and shoveling each other around a small table at Robinsons Department Store.....whatever for? Ah yes, brooches, earrings, necklaces all for $10 each. No wonder! Chrismas cakes, chocolates, confectioneries, wine and gifts from Marks and Spencer were selling like hotcakes. If I were to put up a stall, illegal stall, outside M & S and sell my cakes half the price, of course with nice wrappers laa, you think it will work ah?

Besides shopping, I brought my baby to the Science Center. Had fun there learning about science and there was the Star Wars exhibition. Interesting costumes, spaceship models were on display. Each time I visit the Center, renovation works can be seen. They are putting efforts in giving a facelift to the place. Again, admirable for the efforts.

Do sound like a traitor now? So, so PRO SINGAPORE.

But I must comment that I salute them for their efficiency attitude. And they are so spoilt for choices, from shopping to health care. You name it, they have got it and in such a small island, they are well equipped. And as for health care, so many choices of doctors and varieties too. I know of many Malaysians who prefer to be treated or seek a second opinion when the doctors do not give a satisfactory explanation in Malaysia. And I am one of them. Just a preview to my medical history, I have been suffering from lower back pain for more then a decade. From orthopaedic surgeons to physiotherapist, sinsehs to chiropractors...the list goes on. I finally took my mom's advice and seeked my 101th opinion from a doctor in Singapore. Just one look at my MRI and she was able to educate me on my problem and helped me deal with it. It is not so much of medication but to know and understand the mechanics of my bone problem really took off the big question mark behind my head for ages. Thank god I am not going to be paralysed. But does that mean I cannot perform the more elaborated kamasutra position?

Anyway, Orchard Road was swamping with people. All sorts of people. It was a Sunday. There were loads of Filipinos gathering along the Orchard walkway. As I was walking, I couldn't help but to think if one of them were the girl who swept my ex's feet off or was she fished out from Orchard Towers or...or...or.....sigh. I know what is done is done and no point crying over spilt milk. I just couldn't help wondering who she was. How did I come to know about her? I was a real dungu in computers and I still am. One fine day, I was messing with my home computer and stumbled across her email to my ex. Nice tits and a very sweet face. The email read, " I miss you. Looking forward to meeting up with you again." Mmmm....I do no dare to think further. Whatever the past was, I really wished that my ex would find a partner in life and take good care of him.

Back to Singapore but I will have to continue later because duty calls.


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