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Thursday, December 22, 2005

I Fell Off the Stool

YES! That happened two hours ago. I was at a mamak stall with my friend. She showed me her aura photo taken from a crystal shop. She had mostly reds surrounding her photo with black spots behind her. The interpreter told her that the reds meant that she is a hotheaded person and she should take it easy and calm down. There was too many "fire" and "heat" energy burning in her. And the black spots? Those are spirits.....good or bad, I really do not know. But according to my friend, she said her life has been in the downturn recently. The interpreter told her that it was due to spirit attachment.

The more she related her experience to me, the more my goosebumps grew and it was midnight at the moment. I shifted my stool away from her a little , trying to distant myself from the dark attachments ( I was only joking and playing with her). Then I felt like the ground moving and my stool started to sway. Our table was situated in a darkplace and I couldn't focus . My stool swayed a few seconds and before I knew, I saw myself distancing from my friend. I could see her look at me in horror and she was extending a helping hand towards me. It was like in the movies where someone is slipping from the edge of a cliff .

Anyway, before I could even think, I landed on the floor. Bum down. Everyone looked at ME. Me. ME. I got back up on my feet, treated like nothing and went back to our conversation about the photo. Geees....the black spell is working! That was so embarrassing! SO, so embarrassing. Luckily, at that time, there were no cute guys around. I would have quickly scan for a mousehole to hide my face. And luckily my pants did not koyak like Mr Incredible Hulk.

Now, that was really the first curse of the blackspots!


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