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Friday, December 09, 2005

Got the Ticket

I really don't know why on earth would I go through such hassle of going to a Xmas Party and if you followed closely,it is not any party. It is a singles party. Aiyooooo......malu malu MALU. How on earth did I reach there ah? There must be a devil behind my back, pushing me all the way through this task.

Anyway, I ajak a friend, girlfriend to accompany me to THE EVENT but at the last minute, she had to step the brakes because of work commitment. That leaves me going ALONE. I was a little hesitant, going alone because believe me, I am not thaaaaaat brave. Maybe , juuuust a little bit brave only. Anyway, I did not want to think too much about it because the more I think, the more I will be confused. So I just let things run its course and decide at that minute if I felt like going. My friend told me last night that she couldn't make it but I took the news calmly and lightly. Went to bed trying not to think of it.

The plan continued today. Had my application form filled, got my pictures taken ( 3R full size and a passport photo), my divorce paper, and photocopy of my IC, back and front and of course the letter signed by the Commissioner For Oath stating that I am legally Single. Sigh ! Such pain I had to go through just to become a member but it was fun running around. Anyway, got my things done and my mind started to wonder, " Should I go ah?" I still tried to block out the hesitancy.

The actual date for registering to become a member is this weekend but because of workload, I asked to submit earlier and they approved. Still didn't want to think too much,I just drove to the place and submitted my registration.

The lady who helped me asked for my divorce papers and somehow I just knew I had to bring along today. Must be the devil behind me whispering at my ears this morning to remind me to take my legal document. So, ok there goes the paper. She read and approved. She asked if I wanted to get a computer match but I declined. I haven't gone to that stage yet. I shall call that World War 3 stage. Ok laa, if we were told that we shall see no tomorrow, then I shall see who matches me best. But, really, I did not need that at the moment. The truth is, I am afraid to know that there won't be a match for me. I am afraid to face the music. My friend always says,
" The truth always hurts." My objective is to go and see what the real deal is and blog about it....see such sacrifice I make for the sake of blogging.....SIGH. No la, I go because the devil behind me gave me a gentle push. No la, I go because I...I......I.....I am......(?) Nevertheless, I salute those who have the courage to go. Thumbs up!

Back to this lady who helped me out. She told me that ( mmm....something not too favoring but it is the truth and I have to accept) as a divorcee, it is more difficult for me to get a match because of my background. I could have lied in the registration form but I am not that sort. I have always been upfront. I do not like to hide my past and there is certainly not a thing to be ashamed of. Naaa...yes I am a SINGLE PARENT. From that very day I walked out of the courtroom, people knew me as a Miss and a single parent. I tell people straight at their noses and some did get a rude shock. I once told a lady whom I haven't met for a long time. She asked if I had any plans to conceive another child. I just told her that I had a divorce. I think I was too straightforward because I saw tears from her eyes. I did not have any tears but when I looked into her eyes, it affected me but still, I had good control of my tear glands.

Sorry, took a detour again. Back to the lady . After telling me, I told her that I am very upfront and I will tell about my past and not lead people to think otherwise. So, upon hearing that my chances are slimmer, nevermind....still in high spirit because at that moment all I felt was Go...GO...Go.

Then, haiyo, they had to match activities according to education level. Understandable. Then, ha ha ha.....what else could have affected my chances ah? There are 65% female candidates and only 35 % males. Wah,I wanted to roll on the floor and throw tantrums like a kid making a scene in the supermarket. Fuiyo, speechless. Fuiyo, Wah lun eh, Cibai, KNS , you name it , I have it laa. Sooo many competitors....crrrryy....crrryyy....nevermind. I will still go because my objective is to make friends regardless of the gender.

Anyway, I was told besides all the makaning ( its a buffet), there will be some activities like ice breaker, speed dating and some games. You think I will leave half way? Who is gonna chaperone me there ah and wait for me OUTSIDE?

Oh, oh, she also told me that many of the members go alone so I guess I will OK huh?
What do you think?
Cmon, gimme some words of encouragement. I feel like a teenager all over again.

Oh, by the way, I still have people asking me why I got a divorce? The photoshop lady asked me what happened to my marriage? See la, see see see.....people just can't understand that it is my fucking business laaaaa........AAARRGGHHHHHH


  • At 2:50 AM, Blogger straymana said…

    okie lar... mui mui chai... just go a head lar. I can relate to how you feel. No I didn't attend that kind of event before. I am not sure if I am brave enough to do that too. Yet, no worries. Like you already said, go there with no expectation whatsoever. Just Do It! :-)

  • At 8:57 AM, Blogger JoMel said…

    SCB, single parents like us, if we live in the US. No one will even blink an eyes. I think it would be weirder if we weren't single parents over there hor???

    Anyway, I really think that since you have already gone through all that effort in registering and all, you should just GO. Listen to the Devil for once lah. Aiyoohhh. Don't think about it.

    From now on, you just got to get more sleep, do some facial, some manicure. Go to hair salon. Eat well. Find something very nice and subtly sexy to wear. And vroom vroom, gear yourself up for the event. Go and enjoy yourself. Don't keep thinking that you are a single parent, divorcee bla bla. You are making a negative impact, and people can see through it too. Like you say, nothing to be ashamed of, so why must it be an issue with YOURSELF? (Sorry if I am too direct ok)

    You cannot expect much out of a first meeting anyway. So create as much good first impressions as you can. And you might be getting lots of calls in the weeks to come asking you for coffee and movies etc.

    Wei, some men prefer mature ladies with experience ok *wink*

  • At 9:00 AM, Blogger JoMel said…

    SCB, another thing that I learnt over the past few months, especially after taking up my hubby's unit trust business is, when you show confidence, people will be pulled along by you too.

    I even have a client who was going after me! But I didn't like him lah. Too bad. See? Who says single parents cannot attract men wor?

    Confidence babe. Lift your chin up and smile the most genuine smile. Let your eyes twinkle.

  • At 11:21 AM, Blogger Ah Pek said…

    take an advice from an old man. don't make up, don't dress sexy, don't show you are hungry.
    there are many wolves in gentlemen's clothing waiting for a free and fast meal. believe me. i'm one meself!

  • At 12:39 PM, Blogger JoMel said…

    ah pek, why don't make up and dress sexy??? I say make up and dress sexy but still look cool! Hard to reach.

  • At 5:43 PM, Blogger Siao Cha Bor said…


    I GO. I DO....don worry, do means i will attend la..don tink lopsided, ok

    thanks soo much for the encouragement..from young woman, young man and old uncle

    yes, confidence must have.

  • At 11:41 AM, Blogger emily said…

    Don't malu malu...What 2 malu about? Just go ahead...Hoooray...Enjoy urself

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