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Monday, December 26, 2005

Fresh from the Oven

Ta da! I am home from the event. And now I am reporting to you fresh from the oven. So, all you loyal fans must be excited to know if I found the man of my dreams. Aiyo, it doesn't look simple as in you go, you tarr pao and you take home.

Mmm...I did not have enough to eat at dinner so I am going to grab a snack and continue away with my report.


Ok, back with my cup-o-noodles. You must be thinking I was being modest during dinner and not indulging in the food served. Ha! It was a far cry from a 4 star hotel standard but I guess with the budget constraint, they had no choice.

It started out with me departing from my house at 6 pm. I left early because it was raining and because I wanted to get a good parking bay too. Arrived there a little early so I had to wait outside the ballroom with the rest of the candidates. As I walked towards the ballroom, I scanned for potential "victims". Most of the girls were presentable, some came in dresses as like for a dinner function but yet some came in jeans. Mmmm....I wonder what actually smart casual mean ( in Malaysia)? Fora minute, I thought I was overdressed and I quickly texted my buddy and friend for support and encouragement.

THe door for registration opened at 6.30pm and we all queued according to gender. Females one side and males one side. I had to produce my IC and a name card with my name and age group ( classified by colored dots) was given to me. Before entering the Ballroom, we had to wear our identification tag. It was free seating so I chose the table closest to the door. Then there was this girl who sat next to me and we introduced ourselves. I also managed to introduce myself to the other 2 girls sitting 2 seats away from me. The seating arrangement was in a long table with 10 seats on each side. Men will have to seat at one row and ladies at the other row.

The evening started out with some warm up exercise meaning it was ice breaker time. We were asked to stand in the dancing floor and were taught some simple dancing movements that enabled us to mingle around with the people (hopefully the opposite gender.) I must say the organiser has put up a lot of effort in making games to help candidates mingle. After a 30minute of ice breaking, dinner was served , which was at 8pm. I was so hungry by then.

After dinner, they had a show for us. How interesting! There were a group of beautiful ladies lip synching, wearing very sexy attires. Tits were spilling out from the tight clothing and gstring with fish net stocking and firm buns were jiggling on the stage. Yes , it was an Ah Kua show. I must say the show is not appropriate for the event and hence I think the cancelling of the show abruptly.

After the cancellation, it was time for lucky draw. The usual crap, callling number, you go pick the present and the story goes la. Then we had speed dating whereby you approach anyone you like and interview him for 4 minutes. If you feel sparks, then you exchange numbers with him, if not, bye bye. The speed dating event took up one hour. By the time is was over, I was drained with exhaustion. It was hardwork.

After mingling,I realised that there were no potential candidates for me. But I still had the 3 girls sitting at my table. We hit if off very well. So well that we spoke like we knew each other for ages. The very last event was disco dancing. I did not dance because I was too tired and sleepy. Besides, I had to help look after their handbags.

WHen it was time to go, we 3 girls hugged each other and parted. I had to send one girl home as she stays near me. WHen I arrived home, I received a text from the other girl telling me about the next meet up. It looked like I have gained somemore female friends and the male gender was not all that great. Anyway, I made 3 friends who are on the same boat as me. And we are already planning on our next outing.

If not for the men,it turned out sccesfully as my main objrctive was to make friends and socialise....male, female all I hantam.

I wonder if the candidates are still having a blasting time dancing disco now?
I also wonder if there is a "next time" for me?


  • At 9:12 AM, Blogger Ah Pek said…

    apa ini? you were supposed to go meet some horny hunks, you go and make friends with some ladies instead.

  • At 9:38 AM, Blogger Siao Cha Bor said…

    aiyo, horny hunk is you la
    u dunno i been waiting for u meh?

  • At 9:34 PM, Blogger straymana said…

    wah lau nei, go and meet ladies friends in this type of event? If I didn't know you I would have thought you are those type that like the same sex one ;-)

    Mmm... now it makes me wonder if I know you that well? Waakaakaaa.....


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