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Monday, December 26, 2005

Fresh from the Oven Part 2

Thousand apologies ! My first post on the event was poorly recorded due to sleepiness. As I was showering a few minutes ago ( don't worry, I am not stark naked now,like the turkey), I had flashbacks on last evening's event and so I shall continue here.

Through the middle of the event, we found that many people have "disappeared." did I conclude this? It was because their numbers were called out to collect their lucky draw present but so many did not turn up. Aisey, Malaysians usually stayput during lucky draws hoping that they win something but last night was different. These men and women would sacrifice their lucky gifts in favour of erm...erm... Now I wonder where these people went to? Could they have found their other half? Thaaaaaat quick? Geeeeesss........

I met another lady working for the bank. She asked about my profession. And dare she did , she asked about my monthly income. Why are people so, so, so........insensitive ah? Or is it ME who is sensitive?

I did not like the speed dating style . It was like a fish market. We all had to stand and walk around, "scan" for our "target" or rather "victim" and "attack viciously." Some ladies were standing alone, I guess these are the shy ones. Eh, eh, I am also shy but what the heck. I took this opportunity to "hantam" my "victims." I found a man, dressed in batik, about 42 years of age, ok looking but not my cup of tea. However, always give the benefit of the doubt la. I shot my M 16 missile. I approached him, extended my hand, gave him a firm handshake and exchanged cards. The minute he spoke, WAH LUN EH, tak lulus dari kementerian SiaoChaBor. So, so , so SQUARE. I think he also was not interested in me la. Maybe I was too direct.....scared him off but, but , but I was not drooling. I checked. No saliva oozing out from my mouth YET. YET. So ah, you men reading this particular paragraph, you know what siaochabor likes ka? You have to be as siao as me, as daring as me and I guess a little crooked and yerrow in thoughts as me.

And so the "hunting" continued. Bosan liao. Already one hour of this game. People were restless. Then more lucky dips and more people disappeared.

I must give a pat on the back for those who made the effort in attending this event alone. A lot of them were newcomers. There was this guy sitting opposite me. He was so quiet. You ask him one question, he would answer you but nothing more. The ball just could not roll. But I must comment that at least he made an effort attending and trying to socialise.

A lot of people were around my age group. The fun lady who was at my table ( we made friends instantly), she saw a cute guy and was not able to approach him as he was talking to some people. I walked up to him, tap his back and introduced myself. Of course, my friend was next to me. After introducing myself with a handshake, I passed the "hunting game" to her. I felt good helping someone. I was shocked that I was so bold. To me, I gather, if I paid that much for the event, I woul make the most of it. Afterall, I do not think I would be seeing these people again so what the heck! Do la, ask la, make contact and enjoy myself.

So, for you new readers, have you concluded where I went to last night?
What was the event all about?


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