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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Finally baby is OK

I am back AGAIN. As you know my baby was not feeling too good last few days or rather one week ago. She had fever, a little cough and cold, the usual stuff. But the most worrying part was the persistent fever. I usually would take her to the paediatrician as soon as I knew she has a fever but this time I wanted to wait for 2 days to test her immunity and see if she could fight the germs.

It looked like she did not perform well. I took her to her "khai ma" , I call the doctor "khai ma" because this doctor saw my baby from birth. Anyway, after some paramol, baby did not get well too. Took a dengue blood test also and it turned out negative. Thank god. After 7 days of fever, we finally succumbed to antibiotics. Aiyo, I thought she was on the road to recovery but I found stain in her stool pulak. It looked like blood stain and again we had to go back to "khai ma". Took stool test. Waited for 3 days for the result. Yesterday evening I had a call from "khai ma" that my baby is clear from Salmonella food poisoning. So, parents, if you find blood stain stool, do not hesitate to bring your child for a stool test because it could likely be salmonella poisoning.

Baby is ok now. Up and about. Even when she was sick, she was still active
I am just glad that she is fine now.


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