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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Tough Competition

Had a mother to mother chat with my Standard One schoolmate weeks back. I was telling my friend that my baby's class needs helpers to help out in the class and there are some mothers who used this opportunity to "spy"on other classmates results.

I was surprised that her son's class was worse. There was this mother who asked her son to write down all his classmates' results so she can compare. Another mother would ask my friend's son for his Science test just right in front of his mother. I was also told that some mothers have asked the teachers at the school to give special coaching ( tuition) to their kids so that they can excel in their school tests. Afterall, those teachers from the school may have a fair idea of what the tests questions would be . However, all these have to be done quietly. They do not wish to disclose to other parents fearing that they may follow the footstep thus creating unwanted competition.

What the fart is this? Geeeeeeees......this is all happening in Standard One. Have we gone to this stage of competition? I must be still dreaming. In my days, we were still enjoying playing 5 stones and taking life easy and yet we produce good results.

What will our children turn out to be in this near future? I wonder !


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