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Sunday, November 20, 2005

My Retail Therapy in Bangkok

Been back from Bangkok for a week but I haven't got the time to blog my trip till now. Sorry for the delay but I haven't forgotten about what to write because I have jotted down the important points.

The plane ride was smooth. Got a taxi ticket from the booth at the Arrival Hall. It cost RM 70.00 from the airport to my hotel in town. At the taxi ticketing booth, I thought of picking a half day tour to the Grand Palace. My main aim to Bangkok is to shop and eat but to do just that is too gila. And I know people will be eager to know where I visited. So I thought taking a half day tour from my 4 day shopping spree is a good idea. I signed up with the taxi company and paid ONLY RM40.00 for 2 person plus an English guide with a driver. Not bad, not bad. The trip to the hotel was OK except for my irritating driver who kept on telling us he had no salary this month and he relied on commission. Yea, yea.. I got the hint. But NO, he still reminded us every now and then and I counted he had reminded us 4 times that he has no salary. Geeees, what a farter...damn annoying. So, I had to tip him la...kesian.

The hotel was great......twas called the Baiyoke Sky Hotel. It is located at Pratunam area where the retailers and wholesalers are. Mmm...double the fun ( shopping). After checking into the hotel and rested for a bit, we wasted no time and took action. Shop, shop a mad dog let loose. The rest is up to your imagination la. Night time we went to Suan Lum night bazaar where we shopped again. There were so many small stalls criss crossing each other and they are located in grids comprising of 4 sections ( north, south, east, west). It was like a maze but it was fun.

The next day was our outing to the Palace. Had our buffet breakfast at the 77th floor with an excellent view except that the air is always hazy and the view not thaat spectacular but to dine at such height was an experience. Food was good. Then off we waited for our "handsome guide" we ordered. So,so I went to powder my nose and put on some lipstick hoping a cute guide would accompany us for the morning tour. Alamak, what a disappointment, it was a lady pulak. Sigh ! Ok, nevermind. I was shocked to be greeted with volvo S60 ( old model) but in good condition..somemore polished leather seats. We did not have to lift a finger to open the doors to the car. All was done for us. I felt soo pampered and all for Rm40.00 for
2 . We had to pay Rm25 for entrance fee to the Palace. The guide did her job well and explained in detail. We took no photos, we asked no questions. We finished the Palace in 30 minutes. Bad, we were bad. The guide was shocked we finished the tour too soon. Then after she brought us to the souvenir shop selling rubys and sapphires. We had no choice but to go as she said it was company policy to bring the tourists to the designated souvenir shops. FInally, we ended our trip with them dropping us at the Erawan shrine where I made offering to the Four Faced Buddha. Lunch was at one of Bangkok's high end department store called Central at Chit Lom area. It was fantastic. Fresh flower arrangements at every corner of the store. I tell you all, in my 35 years of life, I have never seen anyone splurge money on flowers like Central Department Store. Everyone was taking photos of the flowers though there were signs saying no pictures allowed. ( I read in the Bangkok Post the next day to find out that HRH Princess Srirasmi was there a few days ago to view the newly renovated store ( 700million baht). I guess that explains the flower decos. Absolutely an eye opener for me. Lunch was great. The concept is like Marche whereby you are given a passport to get a stamp for each food u pick. Except that they have made it more upscale and they have brought the whole dining experience to a greater height. Wonderful experience for me. Did not intend to shop at department stores but the lingeries and bras had discounts so I hantam also la. Whack, whack whack...sapu all . Back to the hotel to put down the days shopping load then off to MBK ,a shopping complex with thousands of shops in it. Trust me, you have got to be damn FUCKING focus to shop in there. Damn chaotic but fun ! 2 hours but not enough. Dinner was at the foodcourt at the top floor. Excellent selection there. Ate kerabu and tomyam till my mouth was numb.

Sunday morning ! Up early because we had to go to Chatuchak Sunday Market for more cheap shopping. Arrived there at 8.30am. Some of the shops were still closed. Before long, we started to shop and couldn't stop as the things were reasonable and we were spoilt for choices. We only lasted for 2 hours there before our wallets were dry as ikan masin. The market has everything that you need la....its hard for me to explain as there was everything from A to Z. We took a cab back to the hotel as our shopping load was too much for our arms to bear. I bought a pair of shorts for Rm 19, straw handbag for RM30, silk lotus flowers for RM70, Tshirts for Rm15, snacks like ikan bilis with dried chili for RM 9, car refresher for RM 1 each and ......aiyo I lost track. Anyway, back to hotel and off toMBK again. It was my last night for madness shopping so I splurged. I pushed myself to the limit. It was like Olympics marathon. I bought and bought until I was so exhausted. To battle against the crowd of people was bad enough. 70% of Bangkok people like to shop there plus tourist as well. So, you can imagine how chaotic the place was. Heaps of fake goods, heaps of small boutiques selling clothes, bags, shoes, you name it, they've got it la. My trip ended early; 8 pm. My body could not take the madness anymore. We rested for a bit and took our last bit of recharged energy to the 88th floor of out hotel to see the night view at the Observation Deck. It was really breathtaking especially viewing the panoramic view outdoor. Yes. The deck was outdoor and the blow of the wind was a little scary. Back to the room for serious packing. I opened my extra bag that I brought and just packed and paced. I needed to see how much more space I have so that I could shop for more stuff at the last day. Not much space but enough for a party dress for my baby which I say.

My last day in Bangkok. Energy recharged buy pocket not recharge. Sigh. After breakfast, I headed to the shop to get the party dress plus party sandals plus gloves plus hair pins for
RM 80. At least, my baby would be happy to get her high heeled sandals. Wah, by this time, pocket very tight already. Luckily,I was warned by my friend that we need 500 baht for airport tax. Whilst in the airport, I still had some bahts left so I hantam for the very last hour. Managed to buy a cosmetic bag ! Yeh yeh yeh....but my aunt looked at me with disgust. Tsk tsk tsk....this is a shopping monster....a freak...a real siao cha bor.

There, I have completed my retail therapy in Bangkok and I shall make it a point to make this a yearly affair....wakkakakakakkaka.....just love it.


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