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Sunday, November 20, 2005

My Penang Trip

Had a call from Penang saying my grannie was not well. We all suspected that she was depressed but not too sure. Mom and dad were away, so I thought I take a drive back with baby to do some pre investigation first and report back to mom.

We had a leisurely drive along the North East Highway, stopping at a few places for coffee break. I am a person who never speeds. Never! With my baby in the car, I always drive with extra care. However, I was stopped at the speedtrap check point. Aiyo, do not tell me it would be my first speed summon. If I was given a summon for speeding, I would not be called Siao Cha Bor . I was asked for my IC and driving ID. The policeman looked at me and my carload of food. So, phai seh. Before he could even open his mouth , I told him, " Nenek sakit." Wah, I tembak him before he could even say a thing to me. Somemore I told him " Aiyo, saya takut, you tau tak, macam ini henti saya." Gila or not, I hantam the policeman before letting me go. Arrived at grannie's house at 4pm and she was so delighted to see us. I did not even sense anything amiss about her. We had dinner with my aunt and some of her friends at home. Yum! Homecooked nyonya dishes. Of course, some stout to go with our dinner and pulut rice ice cream potong to complete the meal ( KIng's Ice Cream has the nicest pulut hitam ice cream potong but beware of the santan, you cholesterol freaks!). Anyway, had a good laugh and chat with everyone.

Bed time was fun. Some of us slept on the floor as it was cooling. Grannie's house is an old wooden house. Penang is a very hot place plus grannie does not even have an AIR CON. We just had to take a cold bath before bed ( bad for foong sap but..) and concentrate on our sleep. Her house is not far from the beach so we had some cool sea breeze at night. My aunts and I talked about "women talk" ( you guess la, what is women's talk) and laughed till the whole row of houses shattered. We hope that the houses wouldn't tumble like domino effect. It was fun.

The next morning, grannie went to the doctor to get her full blood report. She had no serious aliments except for high uric acid which explains why she has pain in her legs. Otherwise , she is fine. Pheeeew! By the way, she is 82 years old. We suspected that loneliness is the cause of her being grumpy and depress. She is a person who keeps everything to herself. The doctor told her to scold if she has to. Let off steam and hantam if she has to. Do not keep everything cooped up inside. My aunt is seldom in the house with her because of her job. So grannie is left with the maid. Grannie acts like a kid when she wants attention and she tends to forget things easily. But those 3 days in Penang, I could see she was happy. She usually does not want to follow us to the kopi shops on our eating spree but this time she would follow us obediently.

Anyway, back to food. Kari mai fun, pasembur, mee goreng, mee rebus, kerabu beehoon, perut ikan ( authentic nyonya cuisine with shredded herbs and fish stomach..yeah, don't yuuuks, thai food for lunch, chee cheong fun with prawn paste ( penang style),kuihs, kuihs and more kuihs. My stomach only had 2 hours of rest before the next attack on food. And that was not all. We packed a car load of food back to KL. Kuihs la, pisang raja la ( we can't find nice pisang rajas in KL or maybe we did not look hard enough for it), sambal la ( yes, homemade ones), belacan la, salted fish la, some thai food stuff la, biscuits from Ghee Hiang Biscuit Shop la ( it is a MUST for us to bring back these biscuits as we were brought up eating them and we miss them very much) and...let me think..what else.........aiya, and so the list continues la.

When we go to Penang, it was also a car load of foodstuff from KL and vice versa. Wah, I can run a logistic business . Paid our respect in the oldest Kwan Yin temple. Our trip ended on Saturday with us leaving Penang after lunch at 1 pm. Had a smooth ride out of Penang but when we reached Butterworth, dark clouds were forming and rain fell. The rain fell heavier and heavier along the way. I have to admit I have not seen such rain along the highway in my 17 years of driving experience. The rain was blinding and I thought of stopping in Ipoh for the night. It was tooo risky to drive in such a weather. In such a freak weather, I cannot understand why some drivers still sped like hellriders. I kept in the safety left lane all the way through and my eyes were glued to the windscreen. But I must admit, there were certain areas like near Ipoh, Taiping and Gua Tempurung where they had the most spectacular scenery when there were mist after the rain, I stole some quick glances. It was like Guilin in China with the mist and the limestone mountains. Very breathtaking indeed!

My whole journey came to 7 hours ! Yes, 7 hours ! With the speed of an average of 60 - 80 km perhour, sure la 7 hours. I did not even take my eyes off the road. It was a dangerous drive back to KL and we were so glad to reach the first toll into KL. The massive jam towards the toll took us about 20 minutes in the queue. That was because drivers behind the queue could not see which lane they should "Q". The "Touch n Go" and "Tunai" and "Smart Tag" sign should be made bigger and in bold and placed above the roof of the toll booth so that cars way back at the queue could see and be in their respective lane before reaching the booth. Last night's jam was about 2 km stretch towards the tollbooth and it was all because the drivers could not be certain which lane was tunai, Tag and T n G. Sigh !

We arrived home almost 8 pm. What a drive ! But, it adds to my driving experience when I apply for my "Driver" position.


  • At 12:31 PM, Blogger straymana said…

    mmm... filial grand daugther :)

    eh... how come the police story hangging there one? what happen? did you kena saman or not?

    7 hours from Penang to KL? Siao... if I were to drive like this, I think I will ended up having an accident because I fell asleep :P

  • At 1:10 PM, Blogger JoMel said…

    Welcome back... AGAIN. :)

  • At 11:12 PM, Blogger Siao Cha Bor said…

    i still owe you all the Bangkok trip. I am going to write now, i feel bad la, delaying till now

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