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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My one hour sipping tea like a Lady

Fuiyo, I tell you all ah, today is day I will not forget. Never in my life I dined like a lady. It all happened today, at a little cozy tucked-away teahouse, noo , nooo , teahouse sounds too common, more like a tea boutique , aaaah.., yaaaaa.. , yaaa.., sounds more poshy, at Plaza Damas , Hartamas, with a childhood friend of mine. The place is called Angelic Scones and Tea House. Wah say, it is a totally different kind of posh from the 5 star hotel posh. It is cozy, homely, private and damn poshy ( at least to me). Me kinda sakai la.

Frankly, we went there because of the ambience and oh yes, oh yes did we pay for the ambience. My friend and I are crazy about food and we love to go savour food. Psst ,pssst, luckily today I wore something presentable .

From the outside, the boutique looked like an English house. The minute we stepped in, we were greeted by a maiden dressed in floral print dress, apron, and a head dress ( cap, scarf, .....I don't know the exact word for it). Very impressive. The furnitures were uh, uh, uh, very uh exclusive looking. They should be exclusive to match the theme of the place. We were browsing through the menu and wham, slap , slap ,whoa, the pricing, whoa, you should see my eyes rolling. One pot of tea costs RM23.00 and a piece of scone costs RM6.00. The prices of the cakes were all above RM10.00 per piece. Nice and soothing music they play. Everything was soothing and relaxing.

Anyway, our motive was to taste the scones as we are scones freaks. After placing our orders with the lovely maiden, we scrutinised the place like a hawk or CCTV. When the tea came, we checked the back of the teacups and saucers( of course, discreetly). Fine friend was wondering if they buy insurance for each China. I forgot the name of the China but the only thing I can remember was "gold plated..something something." Better drink with care. I managed to scanned till even the legs of the furniture whereby all the legs wore "socks"...floral print. Its one of those covers for the legs whereby when you pull the chair, you won't scratch the floor and also cuts out the noise of chair friction with the wooden floor. Beautiful art pieces hanging on the wall for your scrutinising pleasure as well.

So, the tea came first. My friend had exotic tea infused in a glass pot. I had a house specialty. Came the scones served warm with butter, homemade strawberry jam and cream. Of course, they have an extensive variety of scones but because we were there at 11am, they only had plain scones and raisin scones . We still sapu the 2 scones anyway. And, we sipped the tea slowly as it cost us 23+23 = wah RM46. Haiyo, we had to savour the tea bit by bit. At that moment, I was very hungry because I did not have breakfast. My mind kept lingering to the mamak outside and yearned for my maggi mee goreng. That one hour there, dining in style were an experience but I thought to myself, luckily, it wasn't an 8 course dinner in style because I would have died la. Hard for me to behave for more than an hour. Sakai or not?

Back to the tea. We were given biscuits to complement our tea as well. Very nice. After the tea, we talked a little and upon seeing my tea is finished, the maiden served me a relaxing floral tea ( on the house). Finally for the bill....yes, the bill. Drums rolling.....drums rolling....drums rolling......RM64.00 for 2 pots of tea and 2 scones. Gulp...gulp saliva, cold sweat...wah, never in my life, such a big big girl have I spent so much for a tea and a scone.

It was truly an experience for me and I would strongly recommend those who can afford such luxury to tryout this place. Remember, you are paying for the ambience as well. The service, oh the service, I must say, excellent personal service. The maiden deserves a pat on her back. Oh my god, I even hawked on her slippers she was wearing. It was a floral, pink floral slippers to match with her floral dress. I was dying to ask if she was wearing a Laura Ashley dress. Oh, oh, I even looked and felt the table cloth to see if the material is also from Laura Ashley. After a brief discussion with sister hawk, we did not think it was .

The only drawback was the place is too small for bitching. So, ladies, if you just want to go have tea and talk about your latest boyfriend, posh trip to London, your latest Gucci bags and your Botox or facelift, a definite place to go to. Because the place only caters for about 4 -5 tables, I personally feel uneasy with the close proximity.

Overall view, a place well worth going to for experience sake . And thumbs up for the maiden.


  • At 9:48 PM, Blogger JoMel said…

    Fuiyo, and there I was thinking of making it my next 'tai-tai wannabe' day out venue, until I saw the prices...ZAAAAPPP... potong my steam!

    Hey lady, I recommend you WINTER WARMERS at the Curve or Ikano, same same like that lah - tea, scones, cakes, shortbread, mini sandwiches, for only 1/2 of the price.

    Hey, you see I so vain, put up my own pic in place of K & S.

  • At 2:13 AM, Blogger straymana said…

    Mmm.. so nice...

    I have been slaving through graveyard shifts since sunday and napped for less than an hour for the last 28 hours, and will have to attend a meeting to report the latest progress at 8:00am later. And I am still in the customer office now, at this unheavenly hour :(

  • At 6:35 AM, Blogger Siao Cha Bor said…

    aiyo woman, looking at ur foto makes me more speechless than paying for the scones and tea.
    you look so young...or issit the lighting ah? ( joke joke)

    stray ah, don cry la,after u get a good rest, we go makan your lambshank, ok. the shank you pay urself, the orr kau i pay laa

  • At 9:15 AM, Blogger JoMel said…

    it is definitely the lighting babes. definitely.

  • At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey woman,
    they served us using Royal Albert tea cups, thats why so expensive lah.
    Wah, i did not know you even scrutinise the waitress's shoes.
    But I really had a fun time, it has to be you to spice up the scone and the expensive version of "masala" tea. keep up with your blogging.
    Ladies, pls bring this siao char bo to tea if you want her to add some spiciness into your tea session.haha

  • At 12:39 PM, Blogger Siao Cha Bor said…

    spicy tea with saucy topics of discussion

  • At 5:06 PM, Blogger King's wife said…

    wah, the name also sound so out of this world...angelic! I also love scones. Besides the ambience, sedap or not?

  • At 7:19 PM, Blogger Siao Cha Bor said…

    tak sedap , sorry

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