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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Me and my childhood friends

After my Penang trip, some how, I managed to see most of my childhood friends in these 2 days. It is rather spooky because it seems like life is ending for me and that the timing is made just right for me to meet up with all my friends before tragedy strikes. I even managed to contact those who live a few hundred kilometres away from me. So, if you do not hear from me for a period of time, look in the Orbituary. I always joke and tell my mom and my godmom what kind of ceremony I want. My hearse has got to be the Mercedes limousine. I have even taken my photo shot professionally in the studio because I want to die looking glamorous.

Okay, back to my meeting with my friends. Monday, I met up with a friend since secondary school. To me, she has all a woman ever wishes for; a husband who is so ever devoted to her, 2 loving children and of course money is not an issue to her. We were supposed to have a girl-talk lunch. We did not expect her husband to join us. Of course, I did not mind but it appeared that he wanted to know who she was hanging out with. I learnt that he is jealous of her male friends. He was thinking that she was lunching with a male companion. Before he arrived at the scene, she told me that he is so devoted to her that he does not have a life of his own. No male friends to talk to and no drinking friends to hang out with ( Ah Pek, bring him for an orr kao night la). She has come to a point where she is trying to bring him out socialising with her friends which I think it is a good start because I strongly feel that a wife should be acquainted with her husband's friends and vice versa. It is a healthy lifestyle to include wives and husbands in certain activities ( please ah, don't think dirty). This topic brings me to another friend of mine who is also a childhood friend.

This other childhood friend of mine is not so happy. She is trapped in her marriage. She has contemplated divorce many times and we ( me and another girlfriend)have stood by her, to support her in whatever her decision is. But because of her 2 children, she has stuck by her marriage. She has married to a man who did not care for her, who beats her up, who chases her out of their home and who does not earn a living. In short, he is a bum ! I really salute her for being able to stick through these ordeals. I even helped her sneak into her house while her husband was away to shift her things out of the house. Now, she has moved back with him. I totally respect her decision. Every person has his or her reason for the actions he or her makes. My divorce has thought me to be fair and not be judgemental. Anyway, today I met up with her and she told me her cart she is operating is facing a rental hike. She may have to stop her business soon ( this is her only source of income for the whole family). She told me business is so bad that sometimes she has to top up from her own pocket to pay for rental. I know she is not doing well at all but yet when I see her, she gives me encouragement in my work. She tells me her husband does not include her in his outings and she often does not know his click of friends. He would go home from his drinking session at the wee hours. Sigh !

Yet another friend of mine, also a childhood friend whom I met up with today, told me a very touching story. She met a lady, in her mid thirties, who once had everything going for her; a successful business, a fiancee, a successful career, expensive holiday trips and etc. All of a sudden, she was struck with arthritis which left her with mobile disability and loss of her career and business. Because of her condition, she told her fiance to leave her as she felt a burden to him. And yet, he stood by her and married her. He took care of her well being; he cleansher, cooks for her, does all the household chores and does the marketing for her. It really touches my heart to hear that true love still exist.

I wonder why in these 2 days, I am surrounded with stories that are so real and yet heartbreaking. Is there a hidden message waiting for me to decode?

My heart feels heavy. I feel very depressed and it is eating inside me. In fact, I feel so lousy that I actually have lost appetite. I don't know what to think; my mind is blank . Why so?


  • At 3:35 PM, Blogger JoMel said…

    Aiyo, please don't get so morbid lah. You baby needs you remember? She is too small. Death is a final journey that we all have to go through. But I really am not ready for that yet. NOOOO!!! I refuse to die just yet. I want to live life. In fact, I am going to blog something related to this as well, its in the draft.

    What you need my lady, is 'tai-tai wannabe' day out. I am free most of the time. You can drop me a mail and we can arrange coffee or something.

  • At 10:46 PM, Blogger straymana said…

    char bo, listen to jomel. I strongly suggest you go out with her. Guai guai, okie?

  • At 12:49 PM, Blogger Siao Cha Bor said…

    aiyo, i am not gonna kill myself la...
    i naik "KELAPA" angin onli la...
    now i am back to my original

    thanks jomel and mana
    i shall make it a point to meet up

  • At 5:30 PM, Blogger Ah Pek said…

    i got minyak angin cap burung. wan to try? cure all headache and kepala angin.

  • At 8:44 AM, Blogger Siao Cha Bor said… all are sooo sweet la,,,thanks, hug hug

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