So, you think I am nuts?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Yes, I am back from my retail therapy. "Shop till you drop" and this had happened to me. Indeed shop till I forgot who I am . It was heavenly. The eating was also sinful. Everyday "kerabu" this "kerabu" that........and of course the desserts were mostly made of coconut milk and knowing what it will do to my cholesterol, I still hantamed them guiltilly. My bag had a good extension and so did my waistline. I only got to know about it the last day that my jeans was soo tight but still I managed to squeeze in anyway. Chaaaam....damn chaaaam.

Besides the shopping, I did a tour on the Grand Palace with an English speaking guide. But still, my main priority was shopping. Shopped like a deprived dog let loose.

Now, I am compiling the daily journals for my trip. I hope to share my shopping experiences soon in the blog.


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