So, you think I am nuts?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Where is your passport?

How do I come about this posting? But of course, the characters involved and special encounters I had, had brought me to realise that in this world, there are all sorts of beings, which I have not come across ( you can say I have been living in my nutshell). Thanks to them I am beginning to see life in a clearer picture and in a way, it is enriching and soul polishing.

Remember Mrs.Chee and Mrs.Bai? How do I describe them ? Mmm...besides being kaypoh, they are kaypoh, kaypoh and kaypoh laaa. And, oh, oh, they carry with them a special apparatus called the "sieve". In cooking, a sieve is used to separate the coarse and the fine. And what you have sieved out is called "refine". So, the sieve they carry around is mostly to separate the pebbles, sand and gold. Of course, gold nuggets being them la.

I heard one of them is having a birthday bash at one of the poshest clubs in town and most of the elite mommies in the school are invited. Siao Cha Bor not included la ! See, Siao has no rich husband to say" today my lou kong dunno wats wrong, I think mid life crisis, he buying a porche worr" or " my lou kong bought me the latest handfone" or " this weekend my lou kong and I going for weekend shopping and staying at the Oriental Bangkok " or " last week at Tiffany's" or " my anniversary at ........." . And the list continues..........

Segregation is awful. Yes, choose our friends wisely. Afterall, there are many types of people with funny characters and different background.

So, family background and financial standing and social status do play an important role. It is a passport to everything? Is it a passport to happiness? Is it whoever who marries a rich man is the cleverest?

I remember meeting this woman , an ex Ms......( hint hint, land of pomelos). When she knew about my" no lou kong: status , she comforted me. Aawwww, I was so touched ! For a moment, I thought I have made a friend. She told me there was a Millionaire social gathering coming up and I could meet a lot of high society people and maybe "fish" a rich man that night. All I had to do was purchase a ticket costing $xxx.00 to find the man of my dreams? or her dreams? Mmmm.....? I was given a first hand lecture on how to be rich and glamorous.

Ms. Pomelo : If you want to be rich or know a rich man, you need to mingle with the rich
only. Forget about the rest of your "useless" friends.

Money, money and money again. Always money. Sure, we all work for money and it is just human for wanting more money and for wanting a better quality of life. Nothing wrong with that.

But, to what extent do we allow money to rule us? When does the moulding process begin?

Ey, is this too deep or am I just going nuts?


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