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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sweet woman vs Lou Kong ( round one)

Today is going to be a long day for me and I am already hard pressed for time but I just need to get this out of my system before I embark on my first assignment for the day. And believe me, I, the glutton, am eating fresh fruit salad for breakfast ! And in 8 years, today is the first day that I woke up late, 10am. I feel guilty, rotten; this waking up after 7 am makes me feel not right. But then again, it brought me inspiration to blog which is why I am doing it now despite the busy schedule.

I was waiting for baby at her art class yesterday and there were many mommies and daddies waiting for their babies. I usually do not attend such classes during weekends; I hate weekends because I cannot bear to see "intact" families happily shopping and having a great family weekend. Anyway, off we went to her class la.....the thought of seeing happy families together with me feeling lousy did not even cross my mind.

Of course, the reception area was swamping with eager moms and dads and maids. Some fathers sat at the reception "kwai kwai" waiting for their babies while their wives shop at the complex for an hour, some maids waiting like zombies but one father I saw was working on his notebook while waiting for his baby. Wah! So busy, somemore he "donates" some "precious" time with his family. Not bad, not bad. His wife must be the luckiest woman; man also got, money also got, baby also got, " hourglass figure" oso got......whatelse also got la.....I can imagine house and car and the number of maids and so on and so forth.

So, so , this "knight in shining armour daddy" was working diligently on his computer that his baby had finished class with him not noticing.

Black as charcoal her face, heat of 100 degress Celcius her skin, ...stomp...stomp...stomp....wah, his sweet sweet wife turned into a dragon lady. This happy woman opened her M 16 mouth and words tasting of gunpowder came shooting.

Sweet Woman :" You never see she come out already meh?"
Lou Kong :* tadak respondse, type type his notebook, macam telinga tersumbat*
Sweet Woman : "Why must you always spoil our outings ah"

Er, I was just standing next to the man and I was thinking " should I walk away, I feel awkward" or just stay put and pretend that I pulak telinga tersumbat and mata buta. Ok la, to not make everyone feel bad, I took the latter advice. I glued myself to the floor, focused my eyes at my baby through the partition and opened my ears big big. Actually any deaf person also could hear them hurling bullets at each other. Tsk tsk tsk.......

Lou Kong : * still working on his notebook* but with his eyes "communicating" with his
sweet wife

* woman, can you not M 16 all the time ah*
* can give me some face ah*

Sweet Woman : We are going shopping first

Lou Kong : *already very pissed looking* but nevermind, he could still tahan,
" shall we have lunch first?" in a nice controlled voice

Sweet Woman : *quiet quiet but her pretty face like going to have him as char siew rice*
stomped out the shop liao with a don't care attitude

Eeeee...... the situation was so tensed and awkward. By then there were many spectators viewing free show.

Lou Kong slammed his notebook, follow his woman kwai kwai and continue with their" happy" family outing.

Haiya, weekend is the only time to spend quality time with families. I am sure there are many options to avoid such tense situation. Her lou kong could do his work at home and not follow them to class but later join them for nice teatime or just family member only ( without the damn laptop ) outing la. I was sad to see this.

Communication and respect for each other are 2 such vital point that married couples tend to forget and are taken for granted. it makes me not so envy happily married people afterall.

I felt soooo awfull after the family left the art class and it really taught me something which I did not really practice when I was married.

1. Respect each others time
2. Communication
3. Do not take each other for granted
4. Practice "please" and "thank you"policy
5. Spend quality time and not quantity time
6. Involve in an activity that both share common interest ( erm..besides bedexercise)
7. * still thinking*

I know this is none of my business but I cannot help thinking of them. I wish things turn out good and may them kiss and make up and not do this too often. It could be the beginning of many bad things.....

Some people have carved a happy marriage image for the public to view yet some did not even have to put such efforts in wearing a mask. I wonder who is real and who is not?
The old chinese proverb says " each family has its own problem,they may look blissful but behind those doors, you never know". How true.


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