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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Life is full of ups and downs, in and out, left and right but there are some things that will lift up your spirits....little things which you may find it a surprise ! Different people have different levels of satisfaction and the most commonly heard comments are , " You are never satisfied, aren't you?"

I was once like this. Humans ARE never satisfied la ! If we have enough money, we WANT more. If we have one wife, we want another ( now please do not get me wrong, gentlemen , but, that is the truth and the truth always hurts). And if we already possess a car, we may want a bigger car or a faster car ( geees, don't know where they want to lumba to, you think this is F1 racing ah?) Satisfied? No?

Aaaah, I give you what satisfaction is. A cuppa good coffee is satisfaction. Having a healthy body is satisfaction. For me, it is when you pay at the pay counter and the cashier wishes you warmly with a " Hi, how are you today"( genuinely ah and not with a plastic smile with a voicemail tone). I got that a lot when I was in Hawaii. It comes out naturally, with a warm smile. The closest I get is from Giordano Singapore. These people are trained well and each person who comes into the shop, be it he/she buys or not, is greeted warmly. But...but the Giordano at HK is a little over exaggerating ( for me).

Got my point so far? Yes? No?
Take me, for example. There was a day, when I was just stepping into the lift when the door nearly made me into a Siao_Cha_bor juice. This uncle was kind enough to press his finger onto the "open" button ( wah, to me, he is already gentleman enough). Then he started to ask me what was I in the club for. I said I wanted to learn swimming but I was too shy. He told me everyone learns no matter where we are and how old we are. He gave me a word of encouragement and I felt good. I had this funny feeling ( no, its not orgasm la, ok) . It was hard to explain but I think it would be my inner self, my spirit, my soul. Yes, I felt a lift. And this feeling really retained in me for the entire day and it was this small remark that really made a big difference. Little things like this is a bonus to our souls.

Now , can you make a connection between the uncle at the club, the cashiers at the stores in Hawaii and Giordano Singapore? Its the little "hello" or the "how are you today" that makes you feel that you are YOU ! So, when you feel good, do you feel there is a self satisfaction?

Try, try greeting with " How are you doing today" or like my daughter commented on her teacher " Miss D, I really love your earrings". Wouldn't the receiving end be happy?


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