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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Meow !

Forgive me for ranting AGAIN at this early hour. I remember the last posting was a little obscene; I shall try to behave accordingly this time. And so the story sails...........

My daughter was so looking forward to having her own study desk. I bought a reasonably priced desk ( yes, you can still find some reasonably priced items at Ikea) yesterday and it was to be delievered today. No, it was not the delivery that went wrong; everything was fine until the delivery boys opened the desk and I found that it was blue in colour. I don't want a blue desk as they harbour mosquitoes . My kid is very prone to mossies bites. The boat is still sailing on calm waters. The boys asked if I wanted to exchange. Sure, afterall, thats one of Ikeas policy. These boys were helpful. They called the office to ask for the colour ( white) that I wanted and if it was still available.

By looking at the face of the boy who called, I knew a storm is brewing. Mmmmm.....don't tell me I have to reveal my true colours again at this hour of the morning. Damn "soi" to curse in the morning laaaaarrrr.........So, I was passed the phone to the office person who was handling this case. Aisey, before I could even start talking, she already said it was my mistake . WTF? Excuse me, sayang, what mistake? OOh, she was penalising me for asking for assistance in carrying the heavy carton to the trolley at the godown yesterday. If you are not familiar with how Ikean works, this is how it goes. You see what you like at the showroom, you write down the code, be it F13 or B 3, then you go downstairs to the godown and claim the goods by YOURSELF. Fair enough, if it is a small item, we can handle it by OURSELVES. The farting problem is,this Missy on the phone said that the item which I bought needed no assistance at all and that I should be the one to be blamed for taking the wrong item.

(Censorship needed and parental guidance needed) Storm upgraded to hurricane.
What the ma cipek you talking about? That farting box was so heavy and even the guy who helped me was having trouble taking it. Moreover, I have chronic backpain. And the person who helped me was nice enough to help me and he did not say that the item is self serviced ! In fact, most Ikea staffs are nice right down to the delivery boys. That biatch made me eat the biggest and deadliest cat ( thats a chinese proverb when someone accuses you without a blink of an eye) in the morning. To firstly blame on the customer without listening to reasoning and to talk like a biatch is uncalled for. I am sure this small matter can be resolved without much hassle. But at 9.30am, someone nice comes feeding you dead cat. Alpo or Frieskies or even Scooby snacks tastes better than her dead cat ! She puts the blame all onto me. And she even told me " This is the last time I am doing this for you" What the fart is that? PMS is it? No excuse. GO TAKE HORMONE REPLACEMENT !

I will get to the bottom of this. I want to know from Ikea that is it the company's policy not to help customers with the loading of heavy items from the godown isles? And does that mean the physically unfits and the senior citizens are not welcomed to shop at Ikea? Most Ikea staffs are friendly and this rotten farting biatch comes spoiling the name for you, Ikea. Tsk...tsk...tsk... you better find out who she is . She may have done this to other customers and giving Ikea a bad name. Sad to say but the truth is, people tend to take notice more on poor services.

By the way, for those who do not know what Alpo or Frieskies are, they are specialists in dogs and cats delicacies !


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