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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Little Chef

I did't last long ! They were staring at me. Damn ! There were 5 left and Baby had 5 herself.

The minute they came off the oven, the aroma of apple muffin diffused into the bedroom. Snore, snore, did not affect me. I have made a vow to keep to strict diet starting today and avoid non sugary food .

2 hours have passed and I was still doing ok until I came home from my drum class and I just had to taste my dotter's skill. I wonder if she has the flare like her mother? One bite turned into 2 . Then crumbs on the table. Yikes....gone in 30 seconds. I must say my little one does have a flare for baking and she takes after her mom, ME.

Baby, you are the best and mummy is real proud of you.

The sweetest thing that she told me was, "Mom, I will not leave you behind after I marry. I want you to come stay with me after I get married".. Thanks baby ! Mummy loves you very much.


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