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Friday, October 21, 2005

Life is worth living !

I am writing this to remind myself over and over again to be contented with my life and my possessions. Many times I find myself lost. I often ask myself why did bad things happen to me and how did it happen. The more I ask these questions, the more I become confused. Slowly, I am beginning to realise and discover life.

Life is actually wonderful; it all depends on how we see and make it. I remember once my friend told me, "Life is just a shell, it is how we make it,is what matters most". With me seeing all the rich tai tais everyday sending their kids off to school, coming in big nice cars, going off to their breakfast joint, I often wonder how it would be like in their shoes. Of course, there is no such comparison. I am a far cry from them. But, I am beginning to ask myself, " Is this what you really want in life?"

Morning breakfast with the gang, then after to the hair and nail salon.
Lunch with another gang
Shopping and gossiping time
Massage or facial
Dinner with family at home

Wow....what a full schedule. Day after day, full of activities. Just enjoy!
It looks flawless. Everything is great.

My life is also great. I have no complaints at all. Like my sifu always says in hokkien, "big problem becomes small problem, small problem becomes no problem". I should not compare and complaint. There are people worse than me. 2 of my good friends were battered by their husbands. Tsk, tsk I really feel shameful for comparing myself with others. But I can call myself lucky for not being in their shoes. I should count my blessings. I have a healthy daughter and what I only wish for her is being healthy and being able to guide her the right path to life. I have to be strong physically and mentally.

A few days ago, when I was buying food from the buka puasa stalls, I was awakened. I could see a lot of vendors, selling food but one thing for sure, they had happy faces. I am sure these people are making a decent living and hard earned money. It was their humility, politeness, happiness in doing what they were doing that made me realise, "Eh, these people are down to earth and I am sure they do not complain about what they were doing". Mind you, battling the heat and rain is no joke. But, I still see happy faces. That should be the way. No complaints, not that I have heard so far.

These people have taught me something that I should have seen earlier. It is suicidal to compare with the others. Be contented with what we have.

Oh, by the way, the "being in the crowd , buying food for the buka puasa" really made me feel 100% Malaysian and a proud one too.

Each day I will remind myself to be contented with what I have, count my blessings, be a great mom, dad and a friend to my daughter; nurture her in every way I can . Life, if lived the right way and the fullest, living it once is enough.

My first stop to self fulfilment : charity work


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