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Friday, October 14, 2005

And you call my job peanuts?

Being a parent is hard work. Responsibilities after responsibilities which I never forsee before partaking this route. It would be good if there is an organization which counsels soon-to be newly weds on the meaning of marriage and steps in making a new family. How long can you lovey dovey? When does reality set in? What to expect in making a family? Financially and mentally stable? Not to scare you but if you are not ready, do not embark on this journey.

When the baby came, it was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. Hearing the baby's first cry from birth is something that I cannot put here in words. Months came and years passed. Baby is growing so fast that before I realise, baby is off to primary school. Everything means $$$. Books, tuition, food, health care, clothes, etc etc etc...... Money chasing after me when it should be the other way around. I should be running after the money !!!

Being a parent itself is challenging yet exhausting especially when there is no participation from the other half. A typical sane day for me would start at 6.00am whereby breakfast is made, lunch and snack pack for school is prepared, me getting ready then waking up baby, getting her to brush her teeth, wash her face, wear her uniform, eats her breakfast and bla bla bla....zoooom the car whisks her off to school. Aaah.....can go for a cuppa coffee.....heck NO ! Off to work it is.

Then of course there are certain days when she needs to go for tuitions. The chauffering and waiting game is truly energy draining. Evening? prepare dinner and assis in school assignments.

After baby settles in for the night, oh boy, do I have the time to have my own time out. Of course, I have not included the household chores here yet but I do not want to dwell into that. Being a housewife was rewarding when you see your family being welltaken care off and happy. It is a shame when people do not regard "homemaker" as a job. Being Jack of all Threads, the tasks of a homemaker includes:-

Plan - plan menus
Marketing - things to buy in the market to minimise expenses which brings us to
Finance and Budgeting
Management - sees that everything saisl smoothly
Operations - ironing, cleanin, throwing rubbish, cooking, washing which brings to good
Time Management
Runner - running daily errants like paying bills and banking

A man once asked me the nature of my job. I have to admit, in the very beginning, when I was a housewife, I was shy to say the "homemaker" word because this job is not considered a job. It is so looked down upon that I was ashamed of it. Ashamed that despite the fact thatI am a university graduate, I chose the "easy way" out. That was how I saw myself. That was how the man I spoke to, saw me. His words stuck in me till today. " Oh, easy job la, just wash , clean only maa.....easy la, no need to use brain one..." That was how homemakers are viewed.

Homemakers are discriminated even by their own species. Working women, career women and even , don't be surprised, your own children also discriminate homemakers. I once stumbled a bunch of kids asking each other what their parents work as. This girl replied shyly, " My mom is JUST a housewife, nothing much to tell"....I do not like the word " JUST". I bet if her mother hears of that, her heart will ache.

Well, let me tell you, there are some women who will give up their careers for the family. My mother did it, I did it and some of my friends who are university graduates also did it. So, what's the problem with homemakers? And who ever says homemaking is a peanut job?


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